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Slanghoek Needle
Slanghoek Needle
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Boulder Kloof (trad)
Lion's Head
Seamster Buttress
Boulder Kloof (trad)
Yellowwood Amphitheatre
Play Time 19 *****
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Lekker Time 16 ****+
Lion's Head
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BASE Jump Swing, Hout Bay Let Go – BASE Swing and Space Line
Great video of a few guys and girls having fun on the Sentinal at Hout Bay!! The video features a BASE Swing and Space Line.
Nepal avalanche Nepal avalanche – Death Toll up to 29
Nepal army rescuers in helicopters spotted eight more bodies of trekkers along a mountain trail that was buried in avalanches and blizzards, raising the death toll to 29, while five more climbers were missing on another mountain, officials said Thursday.
Half Dome 8 days in Yosemite
Yosemite is truly one of those places where Mother Nature has outdone herself, and from the view of a climber there is no other place like it on earth. Driving out of the valley I had just one thought in my mind, “I will be back”…
NLCC14_Joseph (14) The 2014 National Lead Climbing Competition
For the first time in many, many years, the Western Cape became host to the biggest indoor climbing competition in South Africa: the 2014 National Lead Climbing Competition.
Chossfest 2014 Chossfest 2014
It is going to be a chilled fun day at the Chosspile with some great things to watch. Loads of people coming and its R20 for everyone that day, and no need to be a club member, its open to all.
Banff Tour 2014 South Africa Banff Mountain Film Festival South Africa
The Banff Mountain Film Festival South Africa brings the best of adventure and outdoor lifestyle documentaries to local shores. South Africa is one of 35 countries and 390 communities globally participating in the World Tour.
Nice Time, Yellowwood Yellowwood – Lekker Time 16+++
So we decided to climb Lekker Time last week. It’s a 220m climb in Yellowwood. It ended up taking a lot longer than we thought due to wet rock and schlauky conditions.

latest news

Wilder Kaiser Extreme MTB
20 Oct 2014: South Africa
Extreme MTB – Johannes Pistrol rides the Steinerne Rinne from Goinger Halt, July 2014.
Campus Workout
20 Oct 2014: South Africa
Campus board is extremely beneficial, but can be dangerous if not tailored for your ability level.
Rocklands – John Denver – Episode 2
20 Oct 2014: South Africa
Josh McKinnon showing us how to keep our cool when bouldering gets hard in Rocklands.
Who is The Fastest Wingsuit Base Jumper? | Countdown To WWL
17 Oct 2014: South Africa | 4 Comments
Countdown to WWL introduces the awesome characters of China Grand Prix 2014.
Rocklands Bouldering m&r: #12819
17 Oct 2014: South Africa
Rocklands: Black velvet, Poison dwarf, A stupid rhyme, The roof is on fire, Vanity, Mufasa, Schwupp and Shallow cave
Bouldering in Namibia
16 Oct 2014: South Africa
A Belgian-Swiss team of five has traveled to Namibia, mostly undeveloped when it comes to climbing, in search of some quality boulders.
Arnaud Petit’s 20-Year relationship with Biographie, Céüse
16 Oct 2014: South Africa | 1 Comment
Arnaud Petit reveals his long-term project Biographie and explains how difficult it is to keep motivation rolling when you’ve been working on the same climb for 20 years.
Frozen Titans Trailer
16 Oct 2014: South Africa
Frozen Titans – with a team of three friends, Will Gadd heads to Canada’s ‘wildest ice cave’ at British Columbia’s Helmcken Falls in the heart of winter.
Adam Ondra: Rock and Plastic
15 Oct 2014: South Africa
In this profile of the master of rock and plastic, filmmaker Bernardo Gimenez follows Ondra from high point to high point, taking in the redpoint of Biographie/Realization, the first ascent of Ira (9a) in Spain, and his championship performances.
Time In The Pines: Welcome To The Future
13 Oct 2014: South Africa
Sitting in the picturesque Hope Valley, just outside the Tahoe basin, Welcome To The Future has become a classic test piece of the area.