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Yellowwood Amphitheatre
Tafelberg Main Wall
Northern Sector
Waterval Boven
Lekker Time 17 ****+
Prime Time Direct 24 *****
Prime Time Direct 25 *****
Lion's Head
Show Time 24 *****
Show Time 25 *****
Tafelberg Main Wall
King's Kloof
FUN Time 20 ****
Lekker Time 16 ****+
Waterval Boven


Alex Honnold Angola Crack Climbs & Land Mines: Alex Honnold in Angola – Trailer
Alex Honnold particularly well known for his sweaty-palm-inducing free climbs on some of the toughest peaks around the world. His latest challenge? A trip to Angola
Snake rescue catch release Spring Time is Snake Time
You are statistically more likely to be struck by lightning or kicked to death by a donkey than to die of snakebite in South Africa.
Rumble6poster Rumble 6 of 2015
The sixth and final Southern Rock Rumble of 2015 will be held on the 10th December.
Waterval Boven climbing video Orange Rock Wrestling – Rocklands / Waterval Boven
This years trip to Rocklands showed again that we need something big to wait and train for. The next part of our trip which goes to the sport climbing walls of Waterval Boven!!
UK-SA-Flag MCSA – BMC Exchange Meet 2016
Many moons (~15 years) ago, the MCSA and the BMC held an exchange trad-climbing meet in which knowledge was shared, muscles were bared, beers were drunk and relationships were formed.
Rock Master Climbing competition 2015 Rock Master 2015 Climbing Competition
This years annual Rock Master competition will take place at the new CityROCK gym which has just opened in Johannesburg.
south georgia island sled expedtion South of 50
The expedition South of 50 lends its name from the three mountaineers each celebrating their 50th birthdays south of the 50 latitudes.

latest news

Ueli Steck Reclaims Eiger Speed Record
20 Nov 2015: South Africa | 1 Comment
Ueli Steck, 39, soloed the Heckmair Route (ED2, 1800m, FA 1938) on the North Face of the Eiger in 2 hours 22 minutes and 50 seconds
Orange Rock Wrestling Part 2
11 Nov 2015: South Africa
I met Michael Eisenmann in Boven a little while back. In fact, I watched him do Godzilla, his first 32, in just 3 attempts.
Evilution Direct – Fail
4 Nov 2015: South Africa
In early 2015, I climbed the Buttermilk classic Evilution to the lip (v10) and decided to keep on going. I’ve always wanted to do the direct, but never had the 1) balls or 2) skill set.
Siberian Trad Climbing Competition
2 Nov 2015: South Africa | 1 Comment
Once a year, climbers gather in Siberia at Stolby National Park, near Krasnouarsk, Russia, for an outdoor trad climbing competition.
Ghostriders in the Sky
2 Nov 2015: South Africa
Ghostriders in the Sky – My dream of flying in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has been realized. Here are some of the highlights of a summer-time searching for answers.
The Hole
26 Oct 2015: South Africa | 2 Comments
Fun footage of Alan Davies on Fleur de Mer at The Hole, Muizenberg.
Three 6’s at the Gunks
23 Oct 2015: South Africa | 1 Comment
Follow Christian Fracchia climbing solo (ropeless) on three classic rock climbs in the Gunks, NY
Dean Potter’s Final Essay on Love and Adventure
22 Oct 2015: South Africa
Dean Potter, the late climber, highliner, and BASE jumper writes about the passions of his life: his dog, his girlfriend, and the outdoors
Witness the sickness 8A at Rocklands
15 Oct 2015: South Africa | 9 Comments
14 year old David Naude, sends Witness the sickness 8A at Rocklands.
Black Hawk Down at Topside
15 Oct 2015: South Africa
Black Hawk Down 8A+ at The Cinema, Topside, Cape Town.