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Exposure In The F MajorExposure in the F Major Trad **** Grade F3/17

K Fletcher, H Graafland, H Snyders and G Ward 1963 For a real rock route – this is it!! Exposed in summer, exposured in winter. Exposure In The F Major Start The approach is the same as for Pisa Wall but, after ascending the last gully, traverse right …

Universal Energy TheoryUniversal Energy Theory

Jahne and Andrew’s Universal Energy Theory Grade ’28′, 5 Pitches – Rensbergkop (Swinburne), Free State Province, South Africa. A pretty spectacular and challenging five-pitch climb taking mostly excellent good rock all the way to the top of the 160 metre high cliff.


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Training coaching success Training, Coaching and Success
Training, Coaching and Success. Very often I sit around wondering what factors help a person to succeed. Success in life like success in climbing requires preparation. For me, this often results in many hours spent isolated in my spare room doing...
Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally 2014 **Report: 2014 Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally
It was a brilliantly hot day when the Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally took place this year. Over 50 climbers took part and we even had some visitors from up country competing.
South Africa Highline Meeting 2014, Rocklands South African Highline Meeting
Highliners from SA and abroad are invited to attend the first South African Highline Meeting which will be hosted at De Pakhuys in Rocklands from 15-25 May 2014
Clinton Martinengo Wall of Silence Solo Clinton Martinengo – Wall of Silence Solo
Clinton Martinengo, Wall of Silence Solo from 14 to 20 March 2014. I made the sixth overall and second solo ascent of Wall of Silence. I had been toying with the idea of soloing it for a long time but I always found a reason not to commit and to leave it for another day.
Play Time at Yellowwood Ampitheatre The (near) Perfect Trad route?
Recently, Deon Van Zyl and I fashioned what I consider to be the closest to a “perfect” trad route I have personally ever climbed.
Deep Water Soloing South Africa Wilgepoort Wilgepoort Deep Water Solo Comp
Last Sunday we had the first ever DWS comp in SA. This was held at Wilgepoort, near Bronkies. The MCSA purchased the land last year and one of the aims of the event was to open up more potential uses for the location.
Skoorsteenskop, Hout Bay access details Skoorsteenskop, Hout Bay Access Details
For almost a decade, the MCSA and other parties fought with neighbours whose newly built houses now blocked access to the mountain. There is now a publicly owned servitude path that cuts in between 2 of the houses so you can get access to the mountain and the Kop.

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Most People Can’t Climb 8b+, Especially at 61 Years Old – Francisco Marin Can
17 Apr 2014: South Africa
Francisco Marin, also known as &quot Novato &quot ("Rookie" in Spanish), is a 61-year-old climber and the only known person in the world to climb at this level at his age.
Mirko Caballero Climbs one of the Coolest Problems in the USA – Caballero Confessions of a Kid Crusher
17 Apr 2014: South Africa
After Mirko Caballero sent Lethal Design, (V12) He set his eyes on the infamous Meadow Lark Lemon (V13 stand start, V14 sit start). After battling the problem for a few days a foot hold breaks making Mirko have to change his beta.
2014 SCS Nationals Highlights
17 Apr 2014: South Africa
On April 4th and 5th, 2014, the best sport and speed competition climbers in the US descended on Sender One in Santa Ana, California to compete for their share of a huge cash purse and a spot on the 2014 US National Team.
Magic Wood – Is This the Most Beautiful Bouldering Spot in the World?
17 Apr 2014: South Africa
Magic Wood in Switzerland is not a big bouldering area, but pound for pound it might be one of the coolest and most beautiful in the world.
Mount Everest (1978): First Ascent w/o supplementary Oxygen (Messner/Habeler)
10 Apr 2014: South Africa
A film documenting the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen. Everest Unmasked follows Italian and Austrian mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler through the Khumbu icefall into the Western Cwm then up to the South Col and Summit.
Rok Klancnik Does Third Ascent of Bügeleisen (V14/15)
10 Apr 2014: South Africa
Slovenian climber Rok Klancnik has done the third ascent of Klem Loskot's 'Bügeleisen' in Malatal, Austria. Klem sent the problem back in 2001 and assigned a grade of 8B+ (V14).
You Won’t Believe How Cool (or How Hard) These Boulder Problems Are | Viva Peñoles, Ep. 2
9 Apr 2014: South Africa
A dream-team of Americas strongest boulderers, including Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, and Shawn Raboutou, has traveled to the hidden boulder fields of Peñoles, Mexico with the goal of repeating test-pieces and establishing the hardest climbs in the Chihuahua desert.
Vintage Footage of First International Sport Climbing Competition in 1988
9 Apr 2014: South Africa | 1 Comment
Vintage footage of Spiderman Dan Goodwin as the color commentator at the First International Sport Climbing Competition at Snowbird, Utah where Dan takes a huge 45' whipper to illustrate the challenges the competitors will face .
World Record setting run by Calitz on Table Mountain
9 Apr 2014: South Africa
On Saturday K-Way athlete Andre 'AJ' Calitz ascended Table Mountain's Platteklip Gorge an incredible 14.5 times in 12 hours; that's 10,257 vertical metres. This exceeds the previous record of 10,060 metres and will etch Calitz' name on the World Record listing for 'Greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours'.
Alex Honnold Sands Fingertips and Free Solos Near Bishop | A Day in the Life, Ep. 1
9 Apr 2014: South Africa
Day in the Life caught up with Honnold who is still dirtbaggin' out of his van near Bishop, California, not too far from where he grew up, presumably in a house, not a van. His morning is dedicated to checking out the late John Bachar's free solo circuit in Owens River Gorge and repeating many of the routes.