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Kliphuis Campsite closed sign Rocklands Permit System – One Year On
Almost one year on, let’s take a look at how the Rocklands permit system was received, and how it worked in practice.
james_pearson_fall REDEMPTION: The James Pearson Story
Join James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini, as they talk about their new SPOT Climbers project, and present James’ latest climbing video, REDEMPTION
Houdenbek Bolt Houdenbek Bolts
The bolt in question was the first bolt of ‘Get Some’ (18) – I was leading and saw it was loose so gave it a tug and it just popped out.
Montagu ARF Report: Montagu Anchor Replacement Fund (ARF) Meet May 2015
The May 2015 Montagu ARF Meet was a success, with nine and half routes getting rebolted (and old bolts removed).
Happy competitors all round Rumble 3 Results – Something New
Usually it’s tough keeping the routes fresh for Rumble. Through our route setters’ best efforts we have always managed a little something diverse and interesting every comp.
Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge 2015 Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge 2015
Cape Union Mart is calling for submissions for their annual Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge 2015.
Jumbo Love Ethan Pringle Sends Jumbo Love (38/9b)
On the 17th of May, Ethan Pringle made the 2nd ascent of Jumbo Love (38/9b/5.15b) at Clark Mountain, California.

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How To Throw Abseil Ropes
29 May 2015: South Africa
AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) Instructor Jeff Ward explains how to throw ropes for an abseil.
Search For Taro Spies Called Off
29 May 2015: South Africa
Search and rescue teams have called off the search for Taro Spies after the two-week search yielded no results.
Bolt Failed, Resulting in Death
29 May 2015: South Africa
It appears that Sederstrom was stick clipping his way up the climb, going from bolt to bolt, unclipping the bolt below him as he went, when the third bolt failed.
Explo your World!
28 May 2015: South Africa
It’s very simple to join the awesome TUKS adventure club, Exploratio. Just follow these simple steps:
re-m-ember 6900 hectares – Cape Town Fires
28 May 2015: South Africa
The Artvark Gallery proudly presents “re-m-ember 6900 hectares”, a group exhibition pertaining to the recent Cape Town fires.
Point Break ‘Reboot’ Trailer
28 May 2015: South Africa
The new 2015 Point Break Film features free-solo rock climbing, BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, and motorbiking, in addition to skydiving and surfing
Top male Climbers compared – European Bouldering Championships, Innsbruck 2015
28 May 2015: South Africa
Comparison of top male climbers at the European Bouldering Championships in Innsbruck, starting with qualification rounds
How to Pronounce Nkandla
27 May 2015: South Africa | 1 Comment
President Zuma informs the nation how to pronounce Nkandla.
Moonlight Buttress
27 May 2015: South Africa
Bron and I climbed Moonlight Buttress 5.12d/7c in Zion National Park in April 2015, all pitches lead and followed free.
Dean Potter Wingsuit Jump Footage
22 May 2015: South Africa
Hunt had clipped the right side of the ridge as he entered the notch. Potter immediately cut left, he somehow lost altitude and hit the lower end on the left side of the notch.