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Monteseel Rock ClimbingMonteseel

Monteseel is one of the the most popular climbing venues in Natal. The crag is easily accessible from Durban or Pietermaritzburg and has the shortest walk-in in Natal (50 m). It has a selection of about 300 traditional routes of all grades between 8 and 28.


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Yellowwood Amphitheatre
Fantastic Time (23) *****
Yellowwood Amphitheatre
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Sublime Time 19 *****
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Trad Hit List
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Rockstock 2014 Cederberg Rockstock 2014 – International Airstar World Championships
Rockstock 2014 – The International Airstar World Championships are back, taking place on the 2nd of August at De Pakhuys Campground!
Candice Bagley on Snapdragon at Waterval Boven New Boven Guide – Get Your Photo on the Cover!
A New Boven Guide will be available for download at the end of August – get your photo on the cover!
Mikey on the yellow traverse 4th Rumble – Results
The 4th Rumble of 2014 was the best to date. This round saw the gym filled with a record number of competitors, testing out the routes which had a funky mix of styles.
Ed February Mount Arapiles Ed February in the Cederberg
Ed February, Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UCT, has turned his attentions to the endangered Cedar tree, the only tree species growing among fynbos and endemic to the Cederberg mountains.
20011107_111-1188_IMG New Regulations Benefit Natural Resources and Public Safety
The measures have had mixed reception amongst the public. Most people agreed that it was important to protect the sea and promote public safety in this way.
Mountain Club of South Africa logo MCSA Debate 2014
We would like to extend an open invitation to everybody who enjoys our beautiful mountain heritage to an open debate about the MCSA at the Johannesburg Section clubhouse.
Tristan Young Interview Tristan Young Interview
The first of a series of interviews with people involved with the South African National Climbing Federation.

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Edu Marín Makes His Climbing Comeback On Analógica Natural 8c+/9a
28 Jul 2014: South Africa
After snapping a tendon in competition, Edu Marín spent a long time recovering and getting back into fighting shape.
Dreams: A Year of Alpine Adventure
28 Jul 2014: South Africa
After suffering from a case of frostbite, American Alpine Institute instructor and guide Tad McCrea took to the mountains for some recovery.
3 New Belay Devices From DMM
28 Jul 2014: South Africa
DMM have released three new belay devices.
Tibetans High Altitude Gene inherited from Archaic Humans
28 Jul 2014: South Africa
Tibetans, who thrive in an oxygen-scarce, high altitude environment that leaves most gasping for breath, may have inherited their ability to adapt from an ancient human ancestor discovered just four years ago.
Tony Yaniro – Grand Illusion
25 Jul 2014: South Africa | 2 Comments
Toni Yaniro discusses his 1979 FA of Grand Illusion, (31), at Sugarloaf, CA
Event: Pretoria Slackline Movement
25 Jul 2014: South Africa
Come join us for a day of  Slacklining and fun in the chilly sun. The event takes place on the 2nd of August in Pretoria at Jan Celliers Park. Lines up at 10:00 AM. https://www.facebook.com/events/443132559162249/?ref=22
Hikers Mugged at Slangkop, Kommetjie
24 Jul 2014: South Africa | 3 Comments
A report has come in that two hikers were mugged at gun point today while hiking up Slangkop Mountain in Kommetjie.
Hoya Moros 2014
24 Jul 2014: South Africa
A movie about 10 days in Hoya Moros, Spain. Including almost all my ascent during this trip with two 8B+.
Chris Sharma takes the victory at the Red Bull Creepers
23 Jul 2014: South Africa
Chris Sharma won the first edition of the Red Bull Creepers, a deep water soloing (aka psicobloc) competition held in Puente la Reina, Spain.
Redhill, Mushroom area
16 Jul 2014: South Africa
Sheldon Smith climbing at an area called Mushroom in Redhill.