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Build Max Strength, Injury Free: Part2
By Kai Fitchen on Dec 7, 2018 | 3 Comments

Repeaters are the most commonly practiced exercise on a hangboard, however, they give you a “pump”, thus activating …

Eiger North Face Heckmair Route on the North face of the Eiger 3970
By Justin Lawson on Dec 4, 2018 | No Comments

Ever wondered what its like to climb the Eiger?

David Naude David Naude Climbing Showreel
By Justin Lawson on Dec 4, 2018 | No Comments

A brief portal into how I see the world and what drives me to train, explore, climb and …

Build Max Strength, Injury Free: Part1
By Kai Fitchen on Dec 3, 2018 | No Comments

Gyms are sprouting up all over the show and with that so has come a pretty impressive amount …

adam ondra yosemite Adam Ondra Road Trip USA
By Justin Lawson on Dec 3, 2018 | No Comments

The first 6 videos of Adam Ondra on his USA Climbing Trip

Peers Cave Peers Cave – Safe Climb Report November 2018
By Justin Lawson on Nov 27, 2018 | No Comments

SafeSouthHikes, which is part of the Table Mountain Security Action Group, held its eighth safe hike on Saturday …

Paige Claasen Paige Claassen “Algorithm” 2nd Ascent
By Justin Lawson on Nov 27, 2018 | No Comments

With a month in the Fins ahead of her, Paige Claassen set her sights on “Algorithm,” a project …

Want to Crank Hard? Build your BASE
By Kai Fitchen on Nov 18, 2018 | 3 Comments

Our legs are our “base”, our foundation; driving us and moving us to new and exciting places.

Latest News

Rockfall at Spantik Basecamp
Dec 7, 2018 | 1 Comment

Rockfall at basecamp with a very close near miss!

Lions Head to close for Trail Maintenance
Nov 16, 2018 | No Comments

SANParks wishes to inform all Table Mountain National Parks visitors of the pending trail maintenance on Lions Head from 7 January 2019 to 15 February 2019.

Dichotomy – A Climber’s Journey
Nov 15, 2018 | No Comments

Dichotomy is a short film about finding the balance between training and the love for the outdoors. Climber Rachelle de Charmoy takes us on her journey through this balancing act.

New Destinations: Bouldering in the Cederberg Mountains
Nov 15, 2018 | No Comments

A group of young South African climbers exploring a new area in the Southern Cederberg mountains.

Action Directe 9a – Stefano Carnati
Nov 13, 2018 | No Comments

20 year old Italian climber Stefano Carnati sends the classic 9a ‘Action Directe’ in Frankenjura. The route was first climbed by Wolfgang Gullich in 1991.

Ballie League at Bloc11
Nov 9, 2018 | 2 Comments

A new bouldering league featuring a handicap point system which ensures that Ballies (people who are comprised by age and family commitments) have a head-start:

El Capitan Kirk – Official Trailer
Nov 2, 2018 | No Comments

Captain Kirk’s latest mission: to ascend free solo — without safety ropes — up the 3,000-foot cliff of El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park.

JAM: The Journey
Oct 30, 2018 | 1 Comment

JAM infuses a story of obsession and meticulous plot confusion into a rarely told saga of overcoming success and obstacles.

Casting: Female climber for film shoot
Oct 25, 2018 | No Comments

I am looking for a female climber for a film shoot. Requirements: – Must be person of colour (i.e. Black, Coloured, other – not Caucasian) – Age between 25 & …

Banff Film Festival Starts on Friday
Oct 23, 2018 | No Comments

Be sure to book your seats for the eagerly anticipated annual Banff International Mountain Film Festival, taking place between 26 October to 4 November.