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Waterval Boven
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Waterval Boven
Waterval Boven
Africa Ledge
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Waterval Boven
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Africa Ledge
Slangoelie Buttress
Waterval Boven


Transkei Trek 2015 UCT Transkei Trek
During the mid year vacation a group of UCT students hiked the length of the Transkei.
MCSA logo Activity Permit for Trad Climbing in the Table Mountain National Park
Without any consultation with the MCSA or climbers, the park has unilaterally decided to include all trad climbing as an activity requiring a permit.
cliff jump world record New World Record Cliff Jump
Laso Schaller, canyoneer and high-diver, sets a new world cliff jump record of 58.8m in Maggia, Switzerland.
Charlessmilingicon Rumble 4 of 2015
The fourth Southern Rock Rumble will be held on the 3rd September.
MyCiTi bus Table Mountain Table Mountain: Free Ride Between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg
In a very positive step which will be helpful to tourists and local residents alike, one can now ride the MyCiTi shuttle for free between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg.
Arjan De Kock Psicbloc 2015
The Psicbloc 2015 event took place recently. Our very own Arjan De Kock also entered the event.
Clinton Martinengo Montagu Update: Video – Clinton Martinengo Sends the Seamstress Project
Clinton has sent his most recent project at Oorlogs Kloof in Montagu.

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Black Diamond stand at the Getaway Show
27 Aug 2015: South Africa
Come and see the extensive range of Black Diamond apparel and other awesome deals on offer at the Getaway Show in Gauteng this weekend.
Exactly what my physio told me I must not do
27 Aug 2015: South Africa
Exactly what my physio told me I must not do…
Cape Town Time Lapse
26 Aug 2015: South Africa
Capturing Cape Town’s #tablemountain weather, like never seen before, consisting of 6240 still images.
PUFfeR 2015 – Platteklip Gorge Helicopter Rescue
25 Aug 2015: South Africa | 1 Comment
During the PUFfeR 2015 a runner needed to be air-lifted off Platteklip Gorge on Table Mountain.
Post-fire rehabilitation update in Table Mountain National Park
25 Aug 2015: South Africa
As part of the rehabilitation programme with the re-opening of this part of Silvermine envisaged by the end of December 2015.
Helicopter Rescue in the Mountains
24 Aug 2015: South Africa
The beautiful weather in Cape Town has meant that lots of people are out and about on the mountains again.
Jon Krakauer: Climbing Everest his Biggest Mistake
17 Aug 2015: South Africa | 3 Comments
Jon Krakauer’s opinion on climbing Mt. Everest and his advice to an 11-year-old who hopes to climb the Seven Summits.
ZA Rocklands Chronicles 2015
12 Aug 2015: South Africa | 3 Comments
Part 1 of our summer trip to Rocklands, one of the best bouldering venues in the world.
Remains on Matterhorn are Japanese climbers gone since 1970
7 Aug 2015: South Africa
They are the latest to be found on the 4,478-metre (14,692-foot) Matterhorn as ice melts.
Safety on Table Mountain Interview with Paddy Gordon
3 Aug 2015: South Africa | 3 Comments
John Maytham talks to to Paddy Gordon of SANParks regarding safety on Table Mountain.