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Another Fckn Time 20 ****
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Julia Wakeling Buttermilks Julia Wakeling and friends bouldering around Bishop
Julia Wakeling recently spent a couple of weeks of bouldering (and skiing) around Bishop, California. December 2014
captain_hook How Captain Hook on Table Mountain got it’s Name
I was unable to retrieve some of the pegs out on an early attempt. So I got a big butchers hook…
Matt Bush bouldering at Llandudno Matt Bush Table Mountain Free Solo
Matt Bush has been soloing some of the hardest routes in South Africa for a few years. He’s currently working on a new film project, documenting his attempts to free solo hard lines on Table Mountain
Dawn Wall Tommy and Kevin The Dawn Wall – Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson
Tommy Caldwell has spent six years working to free climb The Dawn Wall, on the 3,000 foot El Capitan, in Yosemite along with his partner, Kevin Jorgeson.
krakadouw avoiding the water Kraking the Code at Krakadouw
Groot Krakadouw is a wild, convoluted place. I have made two attempts to climb at this magical haven, but the purveyors of wet and icy meteorological phenomena scuppered these plans. Finally, in December 2014, I returned to blue skies and reclusive wind.
img-20140421-wa0004 2014: A year of what?
This has been a weird year for me in terms of climbing. The year started off with a pull injury, progressed to a broken finger / ligament tear and then ended with a major knee surgery.
Rock climbing Oudtshoorn Andrea Biffi Sends Streetfighter at Oudtshoorn
Congratulations to Andrea Biffi who recently sent Streetfighter (34) and Short Circuit (31) at Oudtshoorn.

latest news

Reinhold Messner: “Like Kindergarten, They Go On Everest Now”
30 Jan 2015: South Africa
Over the years Reinhold Messner, first to climb Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1978 then later to complete all 14 of the world’s peaks above 8,000 meters without oxygen, may have lost a few toes to frostbite, but he has lost none of his acumen.
The Recovery Drink
30 Jan 2015: South Africa
Nicolas Favresse sending “The Recovery Drink” in Jossingfjord – Norway. Nico found and opened the route in 2012.
Daniel Woods Sends The Process
29 Jan 2015: South Africa
Pushing the limits proves to be in the essence of the human spirit. Last week, team climber Daniel Woods triumphed over the most challenging mental and physical challenge of his career by sending “The Process”, an earth-shattering possible V16.
Rock Climbing Trip – Montagu
27 Jan 2015: South Africa
I’m from Brazil and to know more about climbing in South Africa I went to Montagu with my friends Warren and Paul to climb and enjoy that amazing spot.
Just Call It Movement
27 Jan 2015: South Africa
Tim Shieff and Leah Crane explore routesetting, creativity…
Veracruz, Mexico Fire – 2015
27 Jan 2015: South Africa
A random quest to go race the legendary Rio Alseseca brought me back to the waterfall capital of the world… Tlapacoyan, Mexico.
A Drone Through Africa – Africa As You Have Never Seen It Before
27 Jan 2015: South Africa
Drone footage of Africa. Begin your journey with us into a world of natural wonder, colourful cultures, generous hospitality and exceptional cuisine.
Ambushed in the Table Mountain Reserve
25 Jan 2015: South Africa | 9 Comments
A resurgence of mountain crime saw a cyclist bound and gagged by panga-wielding robbers on a Tokai trail, while two US tourists were assaulted and robbed on Table Mountain barely 24 hours later.
Bluetopia in the Blue Mountains
22 Jan 2015: South Africa
We climb, trail run, high line, canyon and BASE jump on a frequent basis but this time we took care to film it too in the places we love and call home.
Africa Fusion showing at CityROCK
19 Jan 2015: South Africa | 3 Comments
Africa Fusion features Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay climbing in South Africa (and Spitzkoppe in Namibia) – they visit Yellowwood, Waterval Boven, Blouberg, Table Mountain, Cape Town crags and more.