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Monteseel Rock ClimbingMonteseel

Monteseel is one of the the most popular climbing venues in Natal. The crag is easily accessible from Durban or Pietermaritzburg and has the shortest walk-in in Natal (50 m). It has a selection of about 300 traditional routes of all grades between 8 and 28.


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New Regulations Benefit Natural Resources and Public Safety
The measures have had mixed reception amongst the public. Most people agreed that it was important to protect the sea and promote public safety in this way.
Mountain Club of South Africa logo MCSA Debate 2014
We would like to extend an open invitation to everybody who enjoys our beautiful mountain heritage to an open debate about the MCSA at the Johannesburg Section clubhouse.
Tristan Young Interview Tristan Young Interview
The first of a series of interviews with people involved with the South African National Climbing Federation.
Southern Rock’s 2nd Birthday
In celebration of another fantastic year, Southern Rock Climbing Centre will be holding it's birthday event on 7th August.
Rumble 4
Half way through the year already and the 4th Rumble is on it's way. The next Rumble will take place on 24th July.
Danie Moolman, Dragon Rider at Hellfire On The Shoulders of Dragons
From the first time I visited the Pit I was intrigued by this 37 meter long line with its intimidating crux that glares at you as you walk past.
Anchor Replacement Fund Kalk Bay ARF Meet Report 2014
We had a successful Kalk Bay ARF Meet and all the suspect bolts and older routes at Kalk Bay crags have now been replaced/rebolted.

latest news

Redhill, Mushroom area
16 Jul 2014: South Africa
Sheldon Smith climbing at an area called Mushroom in Redhill.
Best of Bouldering World Cup IFSC 2014
15 Jul 2014: South Africa
All the hits and misses of the Bouldering World Cup with crazy contortions successes and failures!
South African Team Summit Ama Dablam
14 Jul 2014: South Africa
The first all-South African climbing team to etch their names into the Ama Dablam history books with an impressive and historic climb of “The Mothers Necklace” in the Khumbu region of Nepal
Mile 18
14 Jul 2014: South Africa
This is a story about some meat bags in the woods scraping around on rocks for no apparent reason on this lonely third turd from The Sun.
Frozen body of mountaineer discovered 32 years after death on Mont Blanc
10 Jul 2014: South Africa
The frozen body of trainee guide Patrice Hyvert who went missing in 1982, aged 23, has been found by two mountain-climbers.
Lost American Tourist found in Cederberg
10 Jul 2014: South Africa
An American Tourist who went missing in the Cederberg Mountains was found alive and well after he lost the path during a solo hike.
Ons Het Geklim
9 Jul 2014: South Africa | 12 Comments
Poseidon Adventure put together a little poetic climbing piece entitled 'Ons Het Geklim' mostly containing footage of climbing up in Gauteng.
Cosmo Boven
9 Jul 2014: South Africa
A sketch on the cosmopolitan climbing scene at Waterval Boven, South Africa. With interviews in French, German, English, Japanese, Afrikaans and Spanish.
Clinton Martinengo FA of Jabba the Hutt
5 Jul 2014: South Africa | 5 Comments
Clinton Martinengo recently opened a new route at The Farm. The new route is 'Jubba the Hutt'
Snow this weekend!!
4 Jul 2014: South Africa
It's going to be a cold weekend with plenty of snow around!