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Fern Kloof (sport and trad)
Waterval Boven
Sublime Time Buttress Yellowwood Ravine
Western Cape
Yellowwood Amphitheatre
Sublime Time 19 *****
Slanghoek Needle
Slanghoek Needle
Spring Buttress
Lion's Head
Boulder Kloof (trad)
Seamster Buttress
Boulder Kloof (trad)
Fine time 20 ****
Play Time 19 *****
Lekker Time 16 ****+


Joe Kinder at Flatanger Cave, Norway. Joe Kinder: 30 Days in Norway
The legendary Hanshelleren Cave in Flatanger, Norway, gained worldwide attention in the climbing community when Adam Ondra established two of the world’s hardest routes there. This year Joe Kinder decided that he had to see the cave for himself.
Masquerade Masquerade – A New Route in Du Toits Kloof
It is not a 5 star Krakadouw or Tafelberg route but it is certainly worth 4 stars in the context of the Du Toits’ Kloof area. It is easily done in a day from Cape Town.
Triwaters Triwaters challenge to adventurers and weekend warriors
We play in it. We drink it. We need it more than anything else to survive.
40 routes in a day Challenge Garvin’s Big 40th Charity Climb
The Eastern Cape is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa and badly resourced. Chronic under funding and lack of maintenance has left many hospitals without the proper equipment and instruments which are needed to provide adequate and appropriate healthcare.
South African Alpinism South African Alpinism Round Up – 2013 / 2014 – Part 1
The aim of these articles is to encourage a sense of community amongst SA alpinists and to inspire people to get out there and learn about this adventurous aspect of the climbing world hopefully under the guidance and skills of those getting the relevant experience.
Dance Macabre The eThekwini Invasion
Now, a sensible man would have cleaned the gear and sipped tea for the afternoon. Fortunately, I can’t claim an abundance of sensibility, nor do I like tea.
Rocklands trad Rocklands: A trad diary by James Pearson & Caroline Ciavalidini
An almost unlimited potential for Trad development, with 1,000’s of new routes to climb! In three weeks the pair barely scratched the surface…

latest news

SkyRun 2014 Highlights
24 Nov 2014: South Africa
Highlights of the Salomon SkyRun 2014.
The Dangers of Getting Stoked
24 Nov 2014: South Africa
With Summer on its way and days getting longer many of you may be counting your cams, organising them into precise order and then doing it again whilst going over route guides getting ready for new routes and projects.
Hout Bay AMS Ops
24 Nov 2014: South Africa
If things go wrong while you’re out in the mountain and red helicopter arrives… you can expect (hope) it goes something like this.
Just Jumping / Rocklands 2014
21 Nov 2014: South Africa
No titles, no numbers, just jumps. 10 minutes cannot do justice to the hundreds of hours we spent in Africa, but it is what it is.
Skyrun Trail Running Training Camp
20 Nov 2014: South Africa
Short video of a trail running training camp, preparing runners for the Salomon Skyrun, which is run in the Witteberg Mountains in South Africa.
Beyond Balance
20 Nov 2014: South Africa
So you think you’re strong and flexible!? It would be interesting to see how this guy would do climbing!?
Tommy Caldwell Sends Last Hard Pitch on the Dawn Wall
20 Nov 2014: South Africa
Tommy Caldwell reports on Facebook that he has freed the last remaining undone pitch of the Dawn Wall.
Feels Like Home – Jimmy Webb in Rocklands, South Africa
19 Nov 2014: South Africa
After Jimmy Webb’s stellar 2013 season in South Africa, we knew the next time he had better find some more boulders to climb. Otherwise he would have to siege himself on the most anti style and crimpiest lines he can find until he climbed out the whole area.
Markovic & Ondra Take Final 2014 World Cup Medals in Kranj
17 Nov 2014: South Africa
The 2014 IFSC World Cup season wrapped up this November 15-16 in Kranj, Slovenia. Home country favorite Mina Markovic took gold before her home crowd, and we crowned this season’s overall medalists in Lead.
The Boven Mountain Festival – Highline
13 Nov 2014: South Africa | 13 Comments
This was everybody’s first time on a highline. It was a daunting 30m line that was wonky at its best. I loved the energy and enthusiasm. Well done everybody!