SA climbers summit Mali towers

Six South African climbers reached the top of the five “Hands of Fatima” towers in Mali this month, and even opened a new route up the rock face on their west African expedition.

The team — Peter Lazarus, 46, Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 35, Alard Hufner, 33, Shelley Plumb, 29, Ralf Miller and Kaya Kopkow, both 44 — recalled the “phenomenal” climbing when they returned to Johannesburg this week.

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Mountain climber Peter Lazarus recently reached the summit of the Hand of Fatima in Mali with a group of friends and then had the opportunity to revel in West African culture and music at the ‘Festival in the Desert’. Lazarus captured his thrill-seeking adventures on camera.

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Hand of Fatima
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