Cape Town requests more money for baboons

Another R1.8 million is urgently needed to secure the Cape Peninsula’s baboon monitoring programme until the end of June 2010, the City of Cape Town said.

Mayoral committee member for the environment Marian Nieuwoudt said the city, national and provincial governments each needed to provide R600,000 to make this possible.
The City had asked for a commitment by the other two spheres of government by December 7.

Since October last year it had been the only authority contributing towards baboon monitoring.
It had allocated nearly R3.1 million over 14 months.
Nieuwoudt said the City had held discussions with the province, Environment Minister Buyelwa Sonjica, and South African National Parks.

They had all accepted that they had a joint responsibility for baboon monitoring, and had agreed on the need to contribute money and specialist management skills.
However no funding had yet materialised from province and national.

Asked what the City would do if funding was not granted, Nieuwoudt said it would go ahead with the monitoring but that it would be done through the city’s safety and security mandate.
She said if funding was given by the province and national government it would only be an interim agreement.

An intergovernmental protocol would need to be finalised by June 2010 to sustain baboon management in Cape Town.
There are just over 400 baboons on the Cape Peninsula.

Baboons living on the urban edge are regularly electrocuted on power lines, shot, or killed in collisions with vehicles.


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