Bouldering in Beaverlac

This report is in response to the Bouldering in Beaverlac Thread that was started in the forum.

Yes, there is bouldering in Beaverlac! Although a lot of exploring needs to still be done.
Riki and I went to Beaverlac for the weekend on the 19th of February and temperature must have been 49 ‘C  It was a shocker!!  None the less we walked up the river (Kikois over our heads to keep the sun off) until we got to the pipe cross area (First photo).

Here we found a few problems under the big boulders that had chalk on them (no sign of climbers anywhere).  The problems looked pretty hard but good quality.  We fiddled around on some of the high ball stuff, but due to the heat, putting my back out on the slack line, bad landings, no crash pad… the excuses could go on forever 🙂 we didn’t do very much bouldering there.

The main pool has a classic problem to the top, start out right and establish yourself out of the water (while you wait to dry off a bit) and then move up and left into the rail.
When you get to the end of the rail, pull hard on the layback!

Apparently there are four bolted routes at a crag up from the river (see excuses above to why we didn’t pay it a visit!)

Beaverlac is an awesome venue, chilled camping, great facilities.  It almost always has water in the river so you can cool off any time.
Less 25% for camping in winter

For more info on Beaverlac visit their website

Beaverlac Bouldering

The Cross Pipe Area

Beaverlac Bouldering

Boulder arete with existing route (there was a lot of chalk when we arrived)

Beaverlac Bouldering

Riki starting on the rail out (there is scope for some high ball bouldering here – the cross pipe area)

Deep water soloing at the main pool

Justin climbing the obvious problem at the main pool – its not easy!

Beaverlac general area

Above Beaverlac in the direction of the Groot Winterhoek – Looks worth exploring!!

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