2010 Montagu Rock Rally Report

Why on earth would I want to organise this rock rally I asked myself? And sometimes I saw that question bouncing around in my friends’ and wife’s head. Well, even though my trad friends might think otherwise, my boss reckons I’m brave.  Maybe it’s a polite way of saying stupid?

Montagu Rock Rally 2010

Keith Forbes at Waterworld Photo by Andre Schoon

Anyway, what’s the worst thing that could go wrong? I had a few tricks up my sleeve which started with a small keen team:

  • My wife, Esme, took on the catering and showed her adept business skills on the day with the score Excel spreadsheet. [catering was an essential thing to sort out after the previous epics when the runners & cyclists ate everything before we even smelt a boerie roll]
  • Mark Johnston was our key person at the MCSA and was also in charge of begging sponsors for lucrative prizes. The MCSA provided the financial backing for the event, so we could hire De Bos and put down a deposit.
  • Justin & Riki Lawson from ClimbZA provided much needed coverage running up to the event and most importantly the pre-registration platform. Having them in Montagu was a great bonus and they provided much needed experience from 2009.

We decided to look at all the good things in previous rallies [also Peninsula & Boven] and came up with some tweaks that would result in a simple, chilled event that would appeal to everyone. One of the most important things was to divorce ourselves from the Montagu Mountain Mania so that we could have Montagu to ourselves and move forward to a drier part of the year. We decided to share the love – this meant only one prize per person and lotsa interesting prize categories. “Send of the day” was meant to motivate everyone to give hard routes gas and not only concentrate on the overall score. The “Handicap” category is a great wildcard, but we decided to tweak it slightly to favour “real handicaps” like age, gender, job and family. We also decided to limit the number of scoring routes to 10 so that people didn’t rush too much and have accidents.

The rally actually started on the Friday. Justin Lawson organised myself, Allan Hills and 3 labourers [MCSA paid for] to fortify the Waterworld gabions and install a new sturdy bridge across the river. We moved 4m3 of rocks which was a great way to start the weekend.

At 7h45 sharp 🙂 the briefing was given at De Bos, and at 8h00 the hooter blasted and about 70 climbers headed off. The fancy dress was great! From rave bunnies to superheroes to some odd looking men in bowler hats and ski tights (not sure if this was part of dressing up though). The weather was perfect and even I, the great rain god, could not summon up any form of moisture (a few bikinis were even spied in Badkloof). The climbing went well with Monique Bermeister doing some great routes, whilst rumours of Matt Bush blitzing The Scoop permeated down the kloof.

Keith “Fierce” Forbes gave his lungs a good workout, which may have been as a result of his tight fitting lycra ski suit. And Ed February got well whipped by Beth Higgins – he didn’t quite match the standard of her toyboy. Justin Hawkins didn’t enter but showed us his old form by cruising up “Thruster” and flashing “The Mission” – after a rough night, as expected. We also used the opportunity to clean up the flood trash in Badkloof and competitors who removed trash got 50 bonus points. This in turn allowed us all free entry into the kloof.

At 6pm the rally ended in the De Bos quad and the judges feverishly compiled the scores. It was all pretty new to us so there was some head scratching. Esme & Justin acted as the judges, the process of which became quite interesting when myself and the MC were placed in some categories. As usual, the climbers were happy once the spit braai started and Allan Brown’s bar opened. Andy Wood did a great job as MC and rounded the day off very well. There were prizes galore and most of the competitors managed to get their hands on some booty. Speaking of booty, the music started up and babes got down on the dance floor. Dance champion was a tight competition between Justin Hawkins & Sean Maasch, but JuzH managed to impress the crowd the most.

I hope you all had a great time and the rally motivated you to get back on the rock and crank some sweet testy routes. Many many thanks to:

  • All of you who turned up
  • Esme, Justin, Riki, Mark and Allan Hills
  • The Mountain Club of SA
  • De Bos
  • The sponsors


Pre-registration prize

I forget who won this, but thanks to all the folk who pre-registered AND paid via EFT. It really helped the organisers. Next year, please help us by pre-registering and pre-paying. The winner walked off with a shiny new rope!

Send of the day

  1. Monique Bermeister
  2. Andy Wood
  3. David Webster

Womens Score

  1. Monique Bermeister
  2. Nadine Methner
  3. Beth Higgins

Mens Score

  1. Matt Bush
  2. Jason Temple-Forbes
  3. Keith Forbes


  1. Andy Davies [I learnt from the ruling party J]
  2. Hilton Davies
  3. Angus Mcfarlane

Most Trash Removed from Badkloof

  1. Zoe Duby, Alana Stadler & Model Man
  2. Keith Forbes, Graham Shillington, Dave Glass

Best Dressed

  1. Rave Bunnies – Zoe Duby, Alana Stadler
  2. Tin Tin inspectors – Angus & Warren
  3. The McCanns

Biggest Screamer [fall]

  1. Clinton Le Seur [8m off Lions Said, upside down!]

Codger of the day

  1. David Davies [Full throttle dude!]

Young Gun

  1. Josie McCann

And a Big Thank You to the sponsors!

Below are a few pics of the rally – more photos can be found in the Climb ZA Gallery

Scores at the bottom of the page:

Bob, Jerome and Vicky nearing the end of a long hard ‘Gabion installation’ day!

Alan and Andy making the final touches to the new bridge at Waterworld

The MC (Andy Wood) looking a little bit like a school Principle or maybe a Chairman

The unamed winner holding her new rope

Another plate of very tasty Spit Braai being dished

Scores Below

Place fname sname Score Place fname sname Score
1 Matthew Bush 6365 1 Monique Bermeister 2194
2 Jason TempleForbes 3392 2 Nadine Methner 1561
3 Keith Forbes 3330 3 Beth Higgins 1369
4 Phlip Olivier 3010 4 Anita Hintringer 1107
5 Anro Le Roux 3010 5 Adele McCann 1093
6 Andy Davies 2972 6 Lone Jessen 905
7 Hilton Davies 2970 7 Zoe Duby 578
8 Hermie Venter 2950 8 Alana Stadler 528
9 Uwe Pitsch 2308 9 Patricia Gaertner 510
10 Angus McFarlane 2153 10 Tania Copeland 480
11 Voytek Modrewski 2088 11 Sara Wood 133
12 Warren Gans 1978 12 Nelmie Von Wielligh 126
13 Gaetan Dondel 1915 13 Jose Mccann 120
14 Sean Maasch 1845 Deidre Keulder
15 David Glass 1833 Martha Kazimierczak
16 Ross McBride 1550 Catherine Esterhuizen
17 Alan Hills 1538 Jane Hewitson
18 Neels Havenga 1465
19 Edmund February 1439
20 Michael Fitzgerald 1383
21 Graham Shillington 1310
22 Ryno van der Riet 1200
23 David Webster 1141
24 Andy Wood 1118
25 Patrick McCann 1108
26 Zee van Zyl 1072
27 Harry Crews 1007
28 olivier crespo 828
29 Jonathan Joseph 785
30 Jaques Smith 713
31 Andrew Green 670
32 Tony Lourens 535
33 Louis Seyfried 489
34 David Davies 485
35 Kobus Burger 420
36 clinton le sueur 416
37 Tim Smasher 375
38 Oliver Kruger 375
39 Johan van Eden 367
40 Jacques Lourens 283
41 Johan Le Grange 281
Francois Abontyn
Ben Harper
Johann Papendorf
Braam Van der Vyver
Adrian Rodriguez
Sebastian Wyngaard
Frank Meaker
crallan potgieter
Renier Markgraaff
Charlie Rothnie-Jones
Peter Webster
Odie Human
Douw Steyn


6 Responses to 2010 Montagu Rock Rally Report

  1. illona Apr 21, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    Sounds awesome. I like the tweaks. And the picking up trash bonus is a spark of genius. Well done guys!

  2. Justin Apr 21, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    It was an awesome rock rally, the trash pickup scored us free entrance to the kloof for the day 🙂

  3. Snort Apr 21, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    Well done Andy and all the organizers and all kudo’s to you. You/we organize these things simply because they are worth doing.

    Sorry I missed it…

  4. Zee Apr 23, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    What a great weekend, Good climbing with great climbers and after a great meal…Prizes for everyone.

  5. Cathy Apr 26, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    I think Andy Woods dancefloor moves were hard to beat.
    Many thanks for an awesome event, looking forward to next year! 🙂

  6. Williams family Sep 7, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Really sad to hear the passing of David Davies yesterday 6 Sept 2010, after an illness so courageously borne. Our love and thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

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