Red River Gorge, climbing iPhone app

Wolverine Publishing is due to launch the first comprehensive iPhone app for Red River Gorge in Kentucky, USA. Planetmountain took a brief look at this new digital content.
American based Wolverine Publishing is all set to release its third edition of the Red River Gorge Rock Climbs guidebook. In addition to the traditional print version, the guidebook will also be supplemented with interactive mobile content – also known as an App – for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The digital format packs over 400 pages and all 1800 routes into just the touch of a button, and apart from the usual information (route name, grade, description and photos) it promises exciting new features, unique to a digital format. These include a logbook, ticklist and GPS real time navigation, as well as the possibility of searching routes by name, grade or other criteria (sport, trad, beauty, etc).

After using the free Lite version briefly Planetmountain has come to the conclusion that although the app won’t replace the traditional guidebook print format, it is extremely simple to use and does open up a whole wealth of new opportunities such as interaction, videos, translations into different languages etc.

Dave Pegg, the owner of Wolverine Publishing, took time out and answered the following questions.

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