Bulgarian alpinist dies on K2

Mountaineer Petar Unzhiev from Bulgaria has passed away at camp 2 while attempting the second highest mountain in the world, K2.

According to The Sofia Echo Petar Unzhiev was climbing with Romanian climber, George Dijmarescu. They reached Camp 2 on the mountain at 6700 metres, where they spent the night in a tent.

The following morning the Romanian had descended to Base Camp as part of an acclimatisation routine, but the Bulgarian had remained high in Camp Two, and is thought to have passed away from altitude sickness.

Unzhiev was a member of Adventure Tours Pakistan International K2 Expedition 2010. Confirmation of his passing was communicated by Essar Karim of ATP, the agency which served the expedition, in a conversation with ExWeb’s Pakistan correspondent Karrar Haidri.

The outfitter stated that the climber’s family has decided to bury the remains in the mountain.

Novinite.com reported that ‘The first report about the disappearing of an unnamed Bulgarian climber, who has probably died, appeared on July 19 by Romanian alpinist Gorge Dimaresku.

The Romanian claims that he has tried in every way to learn something about the Bulgarian, who was walking behind him on their way to camp 2.

“His face showed that he is totally disoriented and physically exhausted. He looked like a zombie,” said Dimaresku.’

K2 is regarded as one of the most dangerous and difficult mountains in the world to climb. For every four people who have reached the summit, one has died trying.

According to Unzhiev’s website, he had hoped to become the first Bulgarian climber to scale K2, and had ambitions to climb Manaslu later this year.

He was on a Himalayan big mountain tour, targeting six more eight-thousanders in 2011.

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  1. mary Jul 27, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    Some names come back in the aftermath a bit too often for comfort.
    We know the climbing community is a closeone. Butt how long can you all turnyour back, keep silent an look the other way.
    Google:George Dijmarescu and read, and read, and read….

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