Boven Roc Rally 2010 Results

roc rally sponsors 2010

  • First of all, a big thank you to everyone who attended the Roc Rally this year (without you, it just wouldn’t have been the same 🙂

  • Then to all the sponsors for their ongoing support of this great event – their logos are above (these are the companies who make this event possible (+ all the awesome prizes) – please support them!!)

  • To Gustav and Alex of Roc  ‘n Rope + all the others who pitched in, in particular Ernesto Ismail (the fool they conned into running the points management system) – without him we wouldn’t have any scores!!

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the rally this year… apparently I missed out on a great after party!
All the pictures from the Roc Rally can  be found in the gallery (CLICK HERE)

Below are the results, most notable is the Top Achievers list – Well done to everyone!

Top Achievers

TeamFinal PointsRoutes climbed
Team Naked Goat9062.525
TeamFinal PointsRoutes climbed
Fatty Fish ‘n Chips6647.527
Violet Femmes585027
Allez Hop487017
TeamFinal PointsRoutes climbed
Mermaid and Peacock700548
Hurry up and wait698029
Best Red Point
Clinton Martinengo27 Onsight
Matt Bush29 Red point
Naureen Goheer26 Red Point
U18 Male
Gabriel Riley25 Red point15 years old
U18 Female
Amber Crouse17 Onsight12 years old
Final ScoreRed Points
Team Naked Goat9062.5Clinton Martinengo29.5
ADEX8787.5Matt Bush29
Rockspiders8447.5Steve Bretherick27.5
Beer beats Pap8020Alan  Hills27
Mermaid and Peacock7005Phlip  Olivier27
Hurry up and wait6980Scott (K-Why)  Sinclair27
TATWOC6692.5Trent (Dogleg)  Burnett27
Fatty Fish ‘n Chips6647.5Willem Le Roux27
Radioactive War Fleas6560Naureen Goheer26
The Artful Codgers6345Angus [Divot]  McFarlane26
Team Bos Befok6015Roger [Nitrous]  Nattrass26
RoboCustard5925Charles Hopkins26
Violet Femmes5850Hector Pringle25
Jagermeister5717.5Donovan Willis25
Duracell & Bunny5607.5Gabriel Riley25
Global Warming Sucks5305Snort (Charles Edelstein)  Edelstein24
Legends4975Brendon Salzer23.5
Cave Crawlers4900Darby Kingwill23.5
Alla Hop4870Matt Lachenichit23.5
The Lunatics4565Charles  Fourie23
Beetlejuice4500Evan Margetts23
Hecilpse Sheclipz4495Alex Zabbia22.5
Colibri4482.5Clem Penny22.5
Team DD4430Sebastian  Wyngaard22
Fairytales and Hairytails4355Steven du Toit22
Twist of Due4235Walter Moldenhauer22
team TAKE4120Bridget  Steffen21.5
X-men3435Hugo Krynauw21
The Cliff Hangers3370Jane  Hewitson21
Discombobulated3205Anna Fisher-Jeffes21
Anti Gravity2895Tina Fatti21
Shake ‘n Bake2715Stephen  Grant21
ÂŁ!$# (fish)2665Tasja Reckhaus21
String Fellows2160Delaney Carpenter21
Jailbait1400Leander  Van Zyl21
Much ado about nothing660Sakkie  Van Rensburg21
Tristan  Swart21
Eran  Waldeck21
Rolann  Van Zyl21
Brendon  Stander21
Nigel Bailes21
Francois  Venter20.5
Chris de Beer20
Devin Murray19.5
Amber Crouse19.5
Lucy Allais19.5
Sharon  Benade18.5
Byron  Taylor18.5
Nico Basson18.5
Lisa Venter18.5
Michelle Terblanche18
Tiffany Wells18
Baz Crouse18
Andrew Tylor18
marc Lewis18
Erin  Goodall17.5
Ernesto Ismail17
Stuart  Green17
Paola Zaffaront17
Marlise Richer17
Lisa  Linkmeyer16
Kelvin  Bell16
Jaco du Preez16
Matthew  Gillman0
Charles  Ackroyd0
John  Ackroyd0
Alasdair Walton0
Justine Tarrant0
Dean Willis0
Olaf de Wet0
Sean Potgieter0

Andrew Pedley on Rodan his new project at the God No! Wall. Photo Dirk Smith

—  Click here to download the Roc Rally 2010 Program in PDF (Printable) format

Thursday 23 September

  • Arrival @ Tranquilitas Adventure Farm
  • 20h30 First showing of “Viva la Vida” – Micky Wiswedel
  • 21h00 General briefing & handing out of score sheets

Friday 24 September – Handicap Endurance day

Saturday 25 September – Redpoint day

  • Breakfast Bacon & Egg Rolls (R10)
  • Coffee & Tea (Sponsored by Black Diamond & Jetboil)
  • Redpoint day starts at your own time – just 1 hard route…
  • 11h00 Simon’s famous Chicken Dust from Emgwenya starts braai-ing!
  • 13H00 Climbing ends

Lunch at leisure – Voted “The best chicken in the universe!” (R40)

  • 15h00 Black Diamond Crate stacking competition starts
  • 18h00 Prize giving
  • 19h30 Supper – Prego Rolls (R30)
  • 20h30 Party, party … party …
  • There will be a cash bar open for the duration of the event — Click here to register for the event

—  Click here to download the Roc Rally 2010 Program in PDF (Printable) format

roc rally sponsors 2010

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