Puccio kills the Magic

Alex Puccio has gone on a veritable killing spree at Magic wood, climbing five problem in the ~8A region in three days. The scary part is that the conditions weren’t even good… Her ticks: Die unendliche Geschichte 1 & 2, Octopussy, Free for all and Massive attack,

Boyfriend, Chris-Webb Parson’s hasn’t done too badly either, flashing Free for all, 8A, at Magic, and repeating Vecchio Leone, 8B, at Brione.

Right now Alex and Chris are chilling in Cresciano, though “chilling” is most definitely the wrong word as they’re waiting for the temps to cool down.

The couple is planning to climb in Cresciano and Chironico for a few days then back to Magic wood to meet Cristian Core and then all climb together in Switzerland for two weeks.

With boulderers like Chris Webb, Alex Puccio, Paul Robinson, Dai Koyamada, Carlo Traversi and Cristian Core gathering in and around the Alps, I’m sure we are in for an interesting autumn!

Alex Puccio Outside magazine cover

Alex Puccio, Outside magazine Cover UKC News © Outside magazine

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