Update: Have you seen this snake in your area?

To all those who advised, assisted and provided sightings and information, thank you for the time
and effort you took to do so.

The project has been a great success and has managed to prove that the rinkhals is still present in the
area which falls within the City of Cape Town’s boundary.

Interestingly, nothing has been reported from the sites previously known to be occupied by rinkhals in the last
five years. However, there is evidence to suggest that there may be a population/s in some areas of the
Cape peninsula which haven’t had much previous documentation. However, many of the records from these areas,
although accurately described, cannot be considered 100% confirmed without photographic evidence.

Thus, I am still looking for photographic evidence which would provide support for any records in the vicinity of where
the pictures were taken. I have attached the flyer once again. Please feel free to distribute it and keep your cameras
handy next time you’re out hiking in Cape Town.

Kind regards,
Grant Smith

Helderberg Nature Reserve
City of Cape Town
Biodiversity Management Branch
Tel: 021 851 6982
Cell: 084 328 1001
E-mail: helderbergnature.reserve@capetown.gov.za

|First published on the 2010/08/27|

Have you seen this snake in your area?

Rinkhals snake

The Rinkhals (Hemachatus haemachatus)

  • This snake is believed to be locally extinct in the Cape Town area.
  • It plays an important role for Cape Town’s biodiversity as both a predator and a prey species.
  • Body colours vary from olive brown to black. It may have irregular bands of white, yellow or yellow-orange on its back.
  • It is often black on the belly, with one to three crossbars on its throat.
  • It may spread a hood, spit venom or feign death if threatened.

Please assist us with our research…

Rinkhals snake map
If you have seen a rinkhals in the greater Cape Town area or its surroundings within the last 10 years, please contact Grant Smith: Tel 021 851 6982; Cell 084 328 1001; or E-mail helderbergnature.reserve@capetown.gov.za
This research is undertaken by the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management Branch that works towards conserving and restoring Cape Town’s unique biodiversity.
For more information on Cape Town’s biodiversity and the City’s more than 30 nature reserves and natural areas, visit www.capetown.gov.za/naturereserves or call the Biodiversity Management Branch’s head office: Tel 021 514 4189.

One Response to Update: Have you seen this snake in your area?

  1. Luke Oct 8, 2015 at 10:51 am #

    Hi there

    A friend of mine was walking up from UCT to Rhodes memorial today when she heard a sound in the bushes when she took a closer look she saw a fat black snake with a light band of yellow on it. I wish I had been there to see it but there’s a chance it was a Rinkhals.

    Let me know if you want to know where it was seen.


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