Montagu Permits

Martha at the Eyssenhuis Office

Hi Guys,

Recently two climbers were denied permits by the Montagu Municipality (because they were climbers and not hikers!).  The municipality apologises and have corrected the situation.  It is now easier for people to get permits.

Permits can be obtained from Martha at the office on the town (Eyssenhuis) side of the kloof.  If you want a receipt, you will need to go and collect it from the municipality offices in town during office hours.

  • Permits cost R70 for the season
  • Permits are valid from July to June each year (there is no pro-rata)
  • Fill in the form, pay your money and Martha will give you a permit (shown below)

Montagu permit

  • Day entry to the kloof is R10 per day

New stuff in Montagu:

The office and parking will move to the new building closer to the entrance of the kloof.
This means that you will park your car here and walk an extra 200 meters to get into the kloof.

Gates have been installed and will locked after hours.  So, if you know you are going to be late out of the kloof, you will want to park outside of the reserve (gates).

New gates at the entrance of the reserve

A locked gate has also been erected at the entrance to Donker Kloof (so no more driving down to the Scoop)

Background: I (Justin) sit on the Montagu Mountain Reserve Committee (I took Stu Browns place when he left).  The committee is there to assist and advise the Municipality in the running of the reserve and obviously I look out for the climbing side of things in Montagu.

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  1. Jacques Nov 27, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    Awesome news! Shoulda’ done that a long time ago!

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