Final day of the redpoint challenge goes down under grey skies and spatterings of rain

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Today we didn’t wake up in baking hot tents. While pondering how it was nice to be in my sleeping bag I realised that it must be quite nice sending weather too, and things that looked certain yesterday may not look so certain today. Like who might be coming in first, who pushed too hard on day one of the redpoint challenge, and who was still waiting to strike…it’s becoming that time of the trip for tactical attacks with multiple artillery, when people try not to care about the points that others are racking up when they actually care a whole lot.

By 2pm the rain decided to come pelting down in inconvenient blasts, but not hard enough to stop anyone from sending their projects. Walking through Bad Kloof I kept bumping into people looking all mellow with slightly upward curved mouths and dozy looks of content, the climbers who had sent their projects and were obviously feeling safe and cosy. Then on the odd occasion I’d find one looking a little like they were a dassie being chased by a rogue baboon, and they were the climbers who were watching the clock with a little desperation. There is nothing like point pressure to make you feel a tad stressed.

The afternoon burned away between happy shouts, mad shouts and spittles of rain and before long it was night time and the braai was blazing great guns. Jimbo was on fine form handling the mammoth pit of smoking coals and saved the lives of about 17 potatoes from sheer charcoalisation.

Gosia and Julia tallied up the final scores using the contestant’s top two routes, and this is the final result of the Montagu Redpoint Challenge in order. Please note that the number at the end of the line is the person’s overall ranking with the bouldering scores, Table Mountain scores and Montagu scores included:

1. Wesley Black: The Activist (30) Redpoint, Firestarter! (29) Redpoint – (2)

1. Marijus Smigelkis: Switchbitch (31) Redpoint, Bronze Up (30) Redpoint – (9)

2. Clinton Martinengo: Switchbitch (31) Repeat, Firestarter! (29) Redpoint – (1)

2. Matt Bush: Impi (33) Repeat, Switchbitch (31) Repeat – (8)

3. Harry Crews: Firestarter! (29) Redpoint, Whoa She Poopie (30) Redpoint – (6)

4. Paul Bruyere: Firestarter! (29) Repeat, Whoa She Poopie (30) Redpoint – (3)

4. Guy Patterson-Jones: Whoa She Poopie (30) Redpoint, Neanderthal Rex (27) Redpoint – (4)

5. Dylan Vogt: Whoa She Poopie (30) Redpoint, Daze of Thunder (28) Redpoint – (7)

5. James Barnes: Whoa She Poopie (30) Redpoint, Daze of Thunder (28) Redpoint – (9)

6. Phlip Olivier: Whoa She Poopie (30) Repeat, Firestarter! (29) Repeat – (3)

6. Mat Schneuwly: Cyberpunk (24) Onsight, Neanderthal Rex (27) Redpoint – (5)

7. James Smith: Firestarter! (29) Repeat, Monkey Pump (29) Repeat – (3)

7. Donovan Willis: Cyberpunk (24) Onsight, Simply Irresistible (27) Flash – (7)

7. Brian Weaver: Firestarter (29) Redpoint, Walk On By (23) Onsight – (10)

8. Yunus Davids: Rattle and Hum (24) Redpoint, Simply Irresistible (27) Repeat – (12)

9. Dirk Smith: Cyberpunk (24) Onsight – (11)

1. Faye Brouard: Beautiful Day (24) Onsight, Neanderthal Rex (27) Redpoint – (1)

2. Illona Pelser: Rattle & Hum (24) Redpoint, The Optimist (27) Redpoint – (1)

2. Tessa Little: Vayz und Meenz (24) Onsight, Lexi’s Route (25) Flash – (2)

3. Ilse Labuschagne: Beautiful Day (24) Redpoint, Cyberpunk (24) Redpoint – (3)

3. Candice Bagley: Thruster (26) Repeat, Beautiful Day (24) Onsight – (7)

4. Heidi Rower: Vayz und Meenz (24) Redpoint, Walk on By (23) Onsight – (5)

4. Naureen Goheer: Walk on By (23) Onsight, Vision Thing (24) Repeat – (8)

5. Monique Bermeister: Cyberpunk (24) Redpoint, Rattle & Hum (24) Repeat – (6)

6. Rachelle de Charmoy: Walk on By (23) Onsight – (4)

This is the part where I have to apologise for making a rookie mistake and not charging my camera battery which has resulted in a severe lack of pictures for today’s update. I do however, have seven identical pictures of a pissed-off looking tortoise, which isn’t exactly as relevant as pictures of people climbing, but I guess they’re better than nothing. The photography gods were seriously against me because I did actually borrow a camera from Harry Crews, but it turns out (after performing laptop surgery with my tweezers to remove the teeny weeny memory card from a slot that was way to big for it) that I can’t access the pictures.

So tomorrow is officially a rest day, but I have heard various rumblings about people wanting to go back and finish routes…so we’ll see who is wise enough not to climb and who can’t resist. See ya on the other side of the Swartberg Pass for the semi-finals in Oudtshoorn…


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