Slacklines in SANPark Areas

In their attempts to go further, longer, higher, slackliners have started rigging lines across  ravines on Table Mountain and possibly other mountains.

Most of us have probably realized by now that Table Mountain is a restricted fly zone, with rescue helicopters from AMS and the Air Force as well as fire bombers from Working on Fire regularly flying about at low altitudes.  These rigging set ups constitute not only an illegal structure on the mountain, but also pose an extreme danger to aircraft operating on the mountain as they are very hard to see.

An aircraft responding to an emergency on Sunday nearly struck one such line across Kasteelspoort.

SANParks have removed the line, and are formulating charges against whoever placed it.  The charges are not only in relation to National Parks, but also extend to civil air legislation.

If anyone finds such a rig, please contact SANParks  at 0214221601 or 0861106417 so that a suitable Red Alert to all aircraft operators may be issued and the line safely removed.

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