Winners of the Climb ZA Photo Competition Sponsored by Wild Country & Rusticus Wines

A huge thanks to:  The sponsors:  Wild Country and Rusticus Wines

The Judges: – Margherita Introna, Calvin Kemp & Micky Wiswedel
Everyone who entered – In all we had 95 entries over 15 days!
The judges had some tough decisions to make – keep taking those photos, we’ll be running another photo competition again next year.

See all the entries below:

And the Winners are:

Second Place Duncan Fraser: Andrew Wood on Pendragon (8A) at Roadside, Rocklands


Some comments from the Judges:


  • Gustavs shot of Don in Waterkloof. The reason I chose this over the other 2 which are also great is that it is the only shot that isn’t shot in flat light. The lighting is dramatic and interesting, the move is cool, the line looks awesome I really dig this shot.
    It doesn’t look too yellow on my screen (which is calibrated!).  Then I like Gustavs hypertension and Streetfighter shot equally. Both have cool moves and perspective and are shot in the same flat lights so I think they are kinda similar. great though.
  • Dirk’s shot of Steve on Satans Temple. Possibly a little soft and I think the Black & White could have had more contrast and drama and I’m not sure entirely if its better in B&W. Otherwise great shot, movement and location.
  • The shot of woody on Pendragon, good move expression and etc. a bit underexposed but otherwise great I think.
  • Other shots I liked were the one of Wiebke except she looks like a 1 legged person in this shot. Some of the other entries with night time stuff and long exposures etc were ok but not executed particularly well in my opinion


  • Danny Pinkas making his feet stick on Hypertention (30/8a), Superbowl, Waterval Boven. Photo by Gustav Janse van Rensburg
    Love, love, love it! This gave me a WOW feeling! The photograph is technically good. The focus is in the right place. The composition is excellent. The expression of the climber has been perfectly captured. The line of the route is clearly visible. It give you a great feeling of depth, height and being out there.
  • Steve Bradshaw hugging the headwall before the redpoint crux on Streetfighter (34/8c), Oudtshoorn. Photo by Photo by Gustav Janse van Rensburg
    An awesome photograph! The photographs is technically good. The colours are crisp and clear. The composition is good. The climber is well captured and shows the focused expression. Definitely a top shot!
  • Jane Hewitson sending Drop Zone (19) at Blaze of Glory, Silvermine. Photo by Sebastian Wyngaard
    A very dramatic scene, but falls out of my top selection for two main reasons.  a) the climber was cleaning the route and not leading it during the photograph.  b) the climber is not visible enough.
  • Andrew Wood on Pendragon (8A) at Roadside, RocklandsPhoto by Duncan Fraser
    Great photograph! The composition is great. The expression and the movement of the climber has been well captured.
  • Marc Efune on Tokkelossie, 30 at the God No! Wall – Waterval Boven.
    Photo by Dirk Smith

    Damn, damn, damn! I love Dirk’s series of Flex on this route, but Dirk has a much better photograph of it than this entry! This photograph is technically good. The composition is great. Colours, tones, sharpness, etc all brilliant. The scene is spectacular and the composition ensure that one feels how dramatic the route is. What disappoints me though is that the climber is looking down and his face is not clear. In the other photographs Dirk has of this scene, Flex’s face is looking up and the expression is clearer, which in my opinion makes for a better shot.
  • Steve Bretherick on Satan’s Temple, 31 at the ACRA Wall, Waterval Boven. Photo Dirk Smith
    Dramatic scene and great composition. I like that this is B&W as it gives the photograph a more artistic flair. I like that the climber is caught mid-move. However, the focus of this photograph seems a bit off so I asked for the high res version. After looking at it closer I am not overly happy with the focus of the shot as that should be much sharper on the climber. However, if I look at the photograph zoomed out, then the focusing does not bother me so much and the photograph as a whole is stunning.
  • Matt Bush on his project at the scoop. Photo by Warren Gans
    Love how Matt’s expression was captured in this photograph. Sadly though, just about everything else about this shot is wrong, i.e. quality, composition, focus, cropping, etc.
  • Jaco Loots on ‘Girl on My Mind’ 6c at Rocklands. Photo by Marinus Coetzee
    I like the effort that went into this photograph, but it has a couple of major flaws.  a) obviously the photograph is posed and as such I would have preferred the climber to be in a stronger position, i.e. that his head/face was more visible and not tucked into his shoulder, and b) the composition/cropping of the photograph just does not work for me.
  • Donovan Willis showing his guns on an unnamed 29 in Waterkloof, Eastern Cape. Photo by Gustav Janse van Rensburg
    Another good photograph from Gustav, but the colours seem a bit too yellowish. Also, this photograph just did not WOW me as much as his other entries.
  • Wiebke Toussaint locking the knee-bar on the crux of Jimmy and the big boys (24) at The Mine, Cape Town Photo by Duncan Fraser
    I really like this photograph. The angle is great. The shot captures a excellent move and the climbers focus and expression are great. The quality and composition of the photographs is good. But there just seems to be something missing from this photograph and I pondered this for quite some time. I then dropped the photograph into Photoshop and adjusted the brightness/contrasts and shadow/highlights slightly and ta-da… what a huge difference! To me it seems that it is the processing that makes this photographs just lack that bit of umph! Otherwise, really cool shot and great to see a nice photograph of one of the ladies up.


  • Gustav’s photo in Waterkloof.  The shot is great in that the climber is not center framed; the whole line is the shot, open body position of the climber towards the camera. Great lighting that draws the eye to the climber
  • Duncan’s photo of Woody on Pendragon. Great action shot that shows of the climber. The climber is mid movement (something I always aim for), shallow depth of field draws the eye to the movement and the line. The angle of the shot is a great reflection of the line (does justice to how steep it actually is).
  • Dirk’s photo of Satan’s Temple. This has a great setting and while I really like photo, I was somewhat concerned about the focus  as seemed like the climber was just going out of focus. Perhaps a bit more contrast in the foreground? Great shot and would love to see a colour version of it someday.

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  1. Anesh Dec 28, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    congratulations to the winners…

  2. Matthias Jungck Jan 10, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    nice to see this as an old man (62) !

  3. George Stainton Jan 12, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Great pic Gustave The depth whilst the climber is still in focus and the colours are amazing

  4. Gustav Jan 17, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    Thanks 😉

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