FEAT inspires Cape Town

“My only adventure/achievement in life is being the dad to four children. Having been to FEAT last week, the adventure bug has bitten and, as I am turning 40 this year, I have decided my first adventure will be to summit Kilimanjaro. From there who knows where…” reads an email received after the second edition of FEAT, an evening of talks celebrating South African adventures, held in Cape Town on 12 February 2011.

FEAT is an innovative concept that brings a selection of adventurers together for one night of live talks. Each speaker has only seven-minutes to deliver a slideshow-based presentation on a specific topic related to a recent expedition or a theme related to outdoor activities and adventure sports. This format keeps the talks dynamic, fast-paced and captivating; and the assortment of talk topics caters to a diversity of audience interests.

“Again, the two words most used to describe the FEAT experience are ‘awesome’ and ‘inspiring’”, says FEAT’s director, Lisa de Speville, an adventure racer and trail runner. “This second edition was very different to the Jo’burg event last year with its new array of speakers and disciplines. Sure, FEAT loves human-powered expeditions of distance and duration, but it also incorporates allied topics of interest to adventurous people. FEAT had a really dynamic mix and the non-expedition topics, like barefoot running and free diving, were well received by the audience.”

Like the 40-year old dad, Cape Town freelance writer and mountain guide Barry Washkansky too was inspired by FEAT’s speakers.“I have a new mission in life,” he says on his blog, Live Cape Town. “I want to be invited to speak at FEAT. Just to be clear, I have no desire to speak in front of 500 people, but what I do want is to do an adventure that is worth speaking about.”

Washkansky describes FEAT as, “The evening is like a selection of TED Talks for the outdoor adventurer – educational, inspirational (I know it’s overused) and highly entertaining.”

Looking ahead, FEAT is set to be an annual event. “And I’m about to start putting together the adventure film festival component of FEAT. It’s early days; the whats and hows have still got to be figured out,” says de Speville.

The next FEAT event will be held in Jo’burg in September/October. The date and venue will be published by mid-year. Videos of talks from FEAT Cape Town can be watched online, through FEAT’s website, from early March 2011.

FEAT is made possible by its sponsors – Black Diamond, Buff, CAPESTORM and Hi-Tec – and media partners, www.AR.co.za and Go Multi Magazine. For more information, visit the FEAT website at www.featsa.co.za and FEAT page on Facebook. Photos and videos of talks can be viewed online.

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