IFSC Lead World Cup comes to Middle East

On October 20 and 21 the city of Amman, Jordan is running the first major IFSC climbing event in the Middle East.

The competition, included in the IFSC Lead World Cup calendar 2011, will take place in the indoor venue of Climbat Amman, the first and largest climbing facility of the region. “We are excited to have our first World Cup event in the Middle East, and in particular in this wonderful city of Amman. We are extremely grateful to the support and effort shown by our friends at the Jordan Climbing Federation and the Climbat Centre” – commented IFSC Secretary General Pierre-Henri Paillasson who will be present at the Climbat center.

Founded in 2009, the Jordan Federation has seen an immediate diffusion of sport climbing in the country, registering a constant increase of memberships and numbers of climbers regularly practicing the sport. The opening, one year ago, of Climbat Amman has largely contributed to make this sport widely known and to turn it from a fringe sport to a main stream activity for many Jordanians. The Amman climbing center has introduced sport climbing to thousands of people, developing projects with schools, universities, businesses and charities and working with individuals, as well as families.

Such climbing infrastructures and organized activities are drawing interest across Middle East and North Africa, where the sport is awaited to flourish in the next future in similar climbing environments. “We are very proud to host the first official international world cup in the Middle East here in Amman.We hope sport climbing will expand and develop into the remaining Arabic countries to eventually create regional federations and increase the number of climbers” – says Sharaf Kilani President of the Jordan Federation of Sport Climbing and owner and managing director of the Amman climbing center.

Next step to achieve, for the Jordan Federation and Climbat Amman, is to focus on youth training programs to ensure there will be many more Jordanian athletes competing in future international events, with the hope to have them taking part to the Olympics 2020. “Our main objective is to train our youth to become world class climbers when the sport of climbing joins the Olympic Games”.

IFSC Lead World Cup Amman will open on Thursday, 20 at 10 a.m. local time (CET 9.00) with the first men’s & women’s competition rounds. Semifinals will take place on Friday, 21 at 11.00 a.m. (CET 10.00), while finals at and 8 pm (CET 7.00).

IFSC World Cup 2011 will be webcast live on ifsc.tv.

Highlights will be available after the event on ifsc.tv and youtube.com/ifscchannel.

Replays of Semi Finals and Finals can be downloaded after the event on ifsc.tv.

Complete competition results will be constantly updated on ifsc-climbing.org.

For further information about the Amman Lead World Cup 2011 contact:
Ahmed Yacoub, Amman Press Officer

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