Mission Impossible – FiveTen Promo

Why a Mission Impossible promo you ask?

Because in the latest Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol) movie Tom Cruise wears a pair of special shoes…

Check out Tom Cruise wearing his custom-built FiveTen Warhawks with the all new (top-secret) Stealth MI6 rubber outsoles.  There’s nothing better for slick surfaces—if they stick this well to glass and metal, imagine how they’ll work on rock and dirt!

The shoes were designed by Charles Cole to stick to glass. Charles is the founder and until recently owner of FiveTen.

Here is how this promo works:
1) buy your shoes from any FiveTen dealer in SA. Barn, CityROCK, Drifters,MountainMailOrder, Ventures for Africa, WonderWall. Save the receipt!
2) Then go see the movie. Sorry but you have to pay for the tickets first. Save the receipt again.
3) Then scan or take photo of shoe receipt and movie ticket receipt. One ticket per shoe. Email it to to stealth@cityrock.co.za with name, bank account details, bladibla.
Enjoy. The film is pretty good. and Tom Cruise did most of his own stunts too btw.

This promo is available at South African FiveTen dealers for a limited time only.
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