Review: Platypus Insulator Hydration Systems

Review Platypus Insulator Hydration System

Platypus Insulator Hydration System

If you like your water at a certain temperature then this is the reservoir for you. 

For insulation testing purposes I filled my 3 Litre reservoir with just over 2 Litres of water and the rest with ice.  At the end of the (37′ C) summer day I still had cold water when the sun went down 9 hours later.
For those of you that might be going into a European winter, this insulator will stop your water from freezing – I am told that trying to suck water through ice does not work very well!

Aside from temperature regulation the Insulator also provides padded protection to your reservoir (not that it really needs it).   The drinking tube is insulated by a foam tube and the drinking valve has a cover which is very useful for keeping dirt off the drinking valve.

The reservoir is BPA- free, supple, super-durable and treated with an all-natural SlimeGuard antimicrobial treatment to keep it taste free.  As a test I left my water in the reservoir for over a month and when I tried the water it tasted the same as day 1.
That is to stay that there was no lingering taste of plastic.  I also mixed up some energy drink into the reservoir, after a quick wash there was no hint of flavour from the energy drink.   The bag also has 1 Litre and half Litre markings so you can see how much liquid you have put in.

To test the bags durability I stood on top of the reservoir (without the insulator).  At 75Kg’s I was nowhere close to popping the reservoir while it was rolling under my feet (both feet were off the ground while I did this).

The plastic reservoir itself is easy to fill and clean due to the large opening at the top of the bag.  Simply slide the SlideLock off and part the Zip Loc of the reservoir.  The bag is easy to prop upright (you will need to hold onto it) and therefore easy to fill and clean.  The opening is about 10cm in circumference.  A piece of cord ensures that you won’t loose the Zip Loc piece.

The hose detaches easily from the reservoir without any loss of water via a well designed valve.  The drinking tube is more than long enough for any pack and also pivots 180 degrees.
The insulating bag is made from Cordura and will hold up to sticks and stones.  There are 3 ‘D rings’ on the Insulator bag so that you can attach it to your rucksack, boat, haulbag, etc.  There is also a handle for which to hang the bag inside your rucksack.

The only down-side is that it does not come with a back pack, so if you wanted to go Mountain Biking you would need to find another pack to put the reservoir into.

In Short: A great product  that does not make your water taste like plastic and doesn’t leak… outperforming any camel in the country.

Overheard:  It even works with beer.  Just saying.


Manufacturer splurb:

A brick and frozen water have a couple of things in common.  They’re both hard and aren’t worth a lick when you’re thirsty on a ski tour. And what could beat a slow, cold pull from your reservoir in the baking heat of summer? That’s why we made this insulated reservoir sleeve. Including a deluxe Big Zip SL reservoir and our Bite Valve and Drink Tube Insulator, you’ll be assured your water is just the way you like it, all year long. A rugged Cordura® exterior protects your reservoir and seals up tight with a side-release buckled lid.

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    In case this review has left you wanting – Mountain Mail Order sell it online. R595.

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