Summit Jacket by First Ascent

First Ascent Summit JacketThe Summit Jacket

First Ascent’s top of the range waterproof jacket, designed for the most extreme conditions on the planet.  The Summit jacket is a 3 ply, keep-you-drymachine constructed using the most breathable fabric we could find in the world – eVENT .  The fabric is so breathable, features like pit zips are no longer required.



  • 3 ply waterproof and breathable hard shell jacket
  • 20,000mm water column, 23,000 g/m2/24 hrs MVTR
  • Double slider zipper for use in conjunction with a harness
  • Volume control hood for extra visibility & big enough to fit your helmet
  • Welded abrasion patches in high wear areas
  • 2 Chest pockets and 2 hand warmer pockets

Suggested Retail Price: 


  • Available beginning of March





Weight: 507 grams


S  M  L  XL 2XL




  event waterproof fabric, e-vent

First Ascent Summit Jacket

2 Responses to Summit Jacket by First Ascent

  1. Anonymous Dec 11, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, this new Summit Jacket from First Ascent suffers from some serious build quality issues, not sure if their quality control issue is slacking off or not, but something clearly needs to be done. I scoured through 6 jackets (5 of which hadn’t been sold yet) and 4 of them had issues that would put any seasoned mountaineer off. From hem-draws ripping off with ease, to Velcro stitching pulling as well as seams actually over-lapping and loose and ePTFE actually MISSING from parts of a jacket sold to an acquaintance of mine including quickly deteriorating pockets and delamination, it’s production seems to have been riddled with issues.

    The cut is also ludicrously big, a small in this seems equivalent to how the large in their older summit jacket fitted me, the cuff velcro cannot close tight enough around my wrist (I’m not a midget) and the hood, if not used with a helmet, just makes me look like a doois. Even with my whole layering system on ( no heavy down jacket, how often does one hike in one with a shell over?) it feels too big for a small. Having a glove hook on only one arm also makes no sense, because one at times uses both hands, Even the welded abrasion patches look and feel cheap, with some actually reporting the beginning of delamination in a matter of weeks.
    All these issues make it less versatile as you cannot simply wear it on a wet, and not so cold, hike.

    I miss the old summit jacket, the one that worked, supplex material was nice and hardy with none of this frail lightweight stuff, as well as having had a good fit. Simply put, it just worked.

    I applaud First Ascent for being the first local company to use Event (and IT IS an excellent choice), it’s just such a pity that it’s debut in their lineup is bonded to a sub-par hardshell with, in my honest opinion, far too many issues and far too different from it’s original glory.

    /my 2c

  2. Anonymous Dec 11, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    I’ve noticed I’ve used the apostrophe in “it’s” incorrectly a couple of times

    /please excuse 🙂

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