Tim Leatherman in South Africa

Tim Leatherman in south Africa

Tim Leatherman - Founder. Photo courtesy of leathermanlibrary.com

Tim Leatherman, the man who invented the Leatherman multi-tool, is visiting South Africa.  On Saturday, 18 February he’ll be at the Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre in Canal Walk (Cape Town) from 10h00 – 13h00.

Tim will autograph/engrave Leatherman products and on the hour (10, 11, 12) he’ll do a brief talk about his invention.

Fun facts
•    Tim Leatherman and Steve Berliner are the men behind the Leatherman Tool Group, formed in 1983.
•    Tim is a mechanical engineering graduate (1970).
•    Tim began designing his ‘Boy scout knife with pliers’ after a 1975 trip with his wife to Europe and the Middle East where they had only a simple pocket knife with them. They needed to repeatedly repair their vehicle and faulty hotel plumbing.
•    Their first multi-tool was initially called ‘Mr Crunch’ (patented in 1980) and sold as the Pocket Survival Tool (PST) in 1983 by mail-order. This model was retired in 2004.
•    In 1984 they sold almost 30,000 units!
•    Leatherman multi-tools are manufactured in Portland, Oregon.
•    They have 49 products that are sold in 82 countries and they have 55% of the domestic (US) market share.
•    A typical Leatherman tool goes through 300 production processes to become the final product.
•    Website: leatherman.com

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