Montagu Farm for sale

Update:  The farm has been bought by two climbers 🙂

There is a piece of mountain side about 9km outside of Montagu with established climbing (sport and trad) for sale.  It would be ideal if either the MCSA or a climber(s) bought the land so that we can continue to climb there.

The price of the property is R860’000 exclusive of VAT – (with VAT it comes to R980’400).

The land is predominantly mountainside and the buyer(s) would want go on a big walk to check out the rest of the area.
There are no buildings on the property.  One could put in an application to build cottages for rental income.
Here is a Google Map link to the property

Total size 130,4042 Hectares.

Access would be by means of a servitude via the below farm.

Water:  There is a good spring on the property that has not dried up in 16 years.  This property gets first option on the water and is allocated a standard household amount each month (I forget the number of litres).  The rest of the water is used by the farm below (the seller) and therefore a toilet would have to be constructed so as not to pollute the water.

Jaco the farmer tells me that there is one particular spot with a great view where one could build a house.
The current access arrangement for going climbing here is: phone the Jaco the farmer to let him know that you are coming and a fee of R10 per person is payable for the day.

The property is with Aida – speak to Ron or Johan (please do not call Jaco regarding the property until you have spoken with the agents).
Telephone: +27 (0)23 614 1185
Facsimile: +27 (0)23 614 1514

The Farm - mountainside for sale

The climbing – RD by Hermie Venter – Click to enlarge

The Farm - mountainside for sale

Google Earth map with boundaries marked – most of the climbing is in the kloof left of ‘3c’

The Farm, Montagu - mountainside for sale

Boundary markings

The Farm, Montagu - mountainside for sale

GPS co’ordinates

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  1. Justin Lawson Jan 10, 2014 at 11:43 am #

    The farm has been bought by two climbers!! 🙂

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