Rock Fit Climbing Gym in Sandton

In recent years, Rock climbing, Kettlebells and Cross Training have gone from extreme adventures to mainstream activities.  Every year, more and more people are trying these fun adventurous sports.  RockFit Functional Training Facility plans to take advantage of this rapid growth by being the first and only gym that collaborates with all three of these unique activities under one brand.

RockFit functional training facility aims to provide alternative and functional training methods in a fun, social environment where people from all ages can enjoy the joys of outdoor activity while utilising our indoor facility, in a safe and controlled environment.

Our services allow for beginners as well as experienced climbers and athletes to feel comfortable as well as challenged in different aspects of the gym.

Rock Fit Sandton

A highlight to RockFit’s Functional Training Facility is the services that we offer.  Our main services include: Rock Climbing, Cross Training and Kettlebell training by vastly experienced trainers.  A combination of 43 years of commitment to the sporting industry is a key quality factor to our services.

Our facility is 500sqm with the availability of 22 top ropes, lead climbing as well as a cave for bouldering.  We cater for climbers of all abilities and our aim is to develop ones skills for sport and outdoor climbing.

Our Kettlebell and Cross Training will not only aid climbers in GPP (General Physical Preparation) but also any athlete wanting to improve their athleticism and functional ability for their sport specific movements.  Our methods allow for not only seriously fit athletes but also for the average person wanting to get in shape whilst enjoying our functional training system.  We cater for all levels of fitness and no one has to be an Olympic athlete to have fun at our facility.

South African Map Climbing Wall

We also do offer corporate events incorporating all three of our main services (Kettlebells, Cross Training and Rock Climbing).
Corporate team building is a valuable asset within any business.  Employees that connect and understand one another are able to work as a team and become more efficient within your organisation.  Come and enjoy RockFit’s unique team building events, whereby a customizable program may fit your organisation’s needs.  Trust is of the essence when it comes to rock climbing.  Participants are required to rely on team members, as safety is a necessity when rock climbing

We also offer Birthday parties for all to come and enjoy their special occasion under a safe and controlled environment.

Troy And Devin Sender are the owners of RockFit Functional Training Facility.
Facebook: RockFit South Africa
Twitter: rockfitsa
Tel: 011 262-4292

UPDATE MAY 2015 – RockFit has closed

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5 Responses to Rock Fit Climbing Gym in Sandton

  1. Franz Aug 29, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    Well done! SA need more of this kinda thing.
    I will definately come check it out when Im in the area.

  2. PaulGoddard Aug 30, 2012 at 8:06 am #

    Hi All
    I am a Capetonian who travels to JHB monthly. I have tried to train at WonderWall twice but the place is atrociously managed. The grips are always schlauky and looks like they have not been cleaned for a decade, the lighting is terrible and it’s a mission to get there.
    I used to train at St Peters Prep but I do realize it caters for school kids mostly so it was always crowded and difficult to train there unless after 8pm.
    I trained at RockFit last night and was super impressed. Loads of climbing walls, spacious and run by cool people who strike me as the kinda guys who will keep the grips clean and the gym well maintained.
    Well done to the Sender bros, I’ll be back every month !

  3. Anna Aug 31, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    I went to Rockfit last night and it works for me:
    * 7 min drive from my home,
    * convenient, as I can’t get to a crag every weekend,
    * my ‘toothpick’ arms and legs get a really good workout,
    * it’s spacious,
    * and I have an equally enthusiastic climbing partner who’s gonna join me every week

    So, thumbs up from me! Gonna add Rockfit to my list of climbing venues. And thanks guys for bringing a climbing wall to our part of Jhb.

  4. Deborah Mcknight Sep 2, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    As a climber newbie, Rockfit is amazing. Devin and Troy have really created a fantastic climbing as well as crossfit gym. Well done guys..

  5. Ebert Sep 3, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    I <3 u guys:D another gym means another bunch of new climbers to the game:) respect

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