Rock Chicks Calendar 2013

With the success of the 2011 Rock Chicks Calendar, it made sense to do another one and this time Vertigo Industries came on board as part-sponsor.  With big power brands like Mad Rock, Edelrid, Vaudé and Julbo, the 2013 Calendar is set to top its predecessor with fantastic moves, grander settings and phenomenal landscapes.

With the deal on the table to distribute 1,000 copies of the calendar with Getaway Magazine’s November 2012 issue, there was a lot of pressure to get great climbing shots in awesome landscape settings” Delaney from Rock Chicks admits.  “So most of the photos contain that grandiose scenery aspect to them and it worked out so well in a lot of instances; having this tiny female form on this enormous surface of rock.”

The 2013 Rock Chicks calendar has some favourites from the women’s climbing scene as well as some newcomers and tries to include as many generations of women climbers as a year will allow, which is why the 2013 calendar has 16 months!  Starting from November 2012 and ending on February 2014.

Once again Fairstep Printers got the job to prep the calendar and print it in the wall-hanging format and once again, they did a stellar job.

Looking for photographers again proved slightly problematic as there was little to no budget for them.  However, with the advent of the Getaway Magazine distribution – a fantastic opportunity to showcase the photographers’ art in arguably one of South Africa’s most popular outdoor magazines – a number of photographers were game to come to the party for less than their usual fee.  This resulted in some extraordinary shots in some magnificent settings.

Rock Chicks would like to thank the Judges’ Panel (you know who you are) who had the arduous and privileged task of choosing the winning photos from the hundreds taken by the photographers as well as our cover.  We would also like to extend our thanks to the photographers for the wonderful job you did and to Vertigo Industries for believing in this project when very few others did.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thanks goes to all our Rock Chicks who took the time to trek to the crags and hang around getting the best shots possible for this project and for being the inspiration to many new climbers.

The 2013 Rock Chicks calendar is available on sale from 1st October 2012 off the Rock Chicks website:
Kindly contact to place your order!

Stocks are limited!

Rock Chicks Calendar 2013



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  1. Gavin Sep 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    any chance we can see a preview of the pics?

  2. Shoana Oct 5, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    And Perhaps the Rock dudes Calendar 2013?

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