Waterworld water works

This morning we went and diverted the river away from Waterworld in preparation for the work meet on the 20th of October (starts at 08:00 – All welcome) – Click here for the FB events page.

The level of the river was slightly higher from the rain on Tuesday, but it should drop fairly quickly.  Initially we used a plank of wood with stones and sand packed around, however this was not enough, so we cut reeds, tied them together with wire and packed them in as well.

The reeds worked really well and I think that we will definitely use them again in the future as they are quick and easy to make and there is no shortage of them in the kloof.
It is questionable how much worth there is in building gabions at this crag again!?

We also cleared the path of thorn tree branches that were obstructing the path.

Below are pics from this mornings work.

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