Adam Ondra 9a flash

Adam Ondra 9a Flash

Adam Ondra has flashed Southern Smoke Direct in Red River Gorge, giving it a personal grade of 9a.  It was put up by Adam Taylor in 2011 as a 9a+ and it adds an 8A+ boulder to the original 8c+ line.  More info at DPM and Ondra’s own words at Entre-Prises. The ascent was filmed and will be published by the French TV Journal.

Earlier this year, the 19 year old onsighted five 8c+’s and redpointed the worlds first 9b+.  When he was 16, he won the Lead World Cup.  He has also done impressive multi-pitches ascents.  IOn the 8a rankings, he has been #1 since he was 16 and is known for his honest and hard personal gradings.


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