Ed February – Is this really mountaineering?

Ed February ‘Is this really mountaineering?’

Ed has been climbing for more than 30 years.  Within this time he has made major contributions to South African rock climbing having being on the opening ascent of more than 200 routes.  The most recent of these being a 10-pitch aid route ‘Mediocrity’ on Milner Peak (24, A3) with Andy de Klerk opened in January 2001 and several trad routes graded between 14 and 23 on a new crag in Montagu in 2011.

Ed enjoys all aspects of mountaineering from Alpine (Mount Kenya, Chamonix) through to big walls (Yosemite, Zion) and sport (Thailand, Verdon).  He has appeared in or been mentioned in a number of National and International magazines and TV programmes and he has climbed extensively around the World.
Ed is a lecturer in UCT’s Botany Department where his research focus is on providing a better understanding of climate change in the summer-rainfall region of South Africa.

FEAT (Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks) is an evening of time-limited presentations by South African adventurers; each speaker has only seven minutes to tell of a specific aspect of a recent adventure.
Speakers at this fourth edition of FEAT were Christo Smeda, Davey du Plessis, Ed February, Elsie Bezuidenhout, Elizabeth de Speville, James Lea-Cox, James Pitman, Keith Jones, Martin Dreyer and Rob Thomas.
Singer-songwriter Roland Albertson opened the evening with an acoustic version of his song ‘White Wednesday’, from which FEAT’s theme tune is adapted.
Simon Gear, a well-recognised face and voice from television and radio, hosted the evening. FEAT was created and is organised by Lisa de Speville. This FEAT event was held in Jo’burg on Thursday, 4 October 2012. www.featsa.co.za


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  1. Brenda Nov 26, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    Love this! Don’t criticise the different disciplines. “Go and play your own game”!
    Well said, Ed!

  2. Gerhard Nov 27, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    So inspiring! Think I’ll hit silvermine after work 😀

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