Pic of the Week 2013 Calendar

Pic of the week 2013 calendar, featuring images from the Pic of the Week Blog

At last! You can now head over to calender.andynix.co.za to view the images in the 2013 edition and place your orders.  Hope you love the pics 🙂

The calendars go to press on 21 November 2012 so they can be posted by 1 December. (It’s still a limited print run, so please place your orders ASAP!)

  • 1-4 calendars: R120 each (± US$15, £9, €10, AU$14)
  • 5-9 calendars: R110 each
  • 10 or more calendars: R100 each
    (excluding postage – total costs inclusive of shipping are shown in the quantity selection boxes below)

To view the calendar and more info visit calender.andynix.co.za

Andy Nix 2013 Calendar

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