Southern Rock Rumble Comp Results

Southern Rock Rumble 1 climbing competition ResultsSouthern Rock Rumble Comp Results

Southern Rock’s first competition was met with great enthusiasm by the climbing community.  Eager competitors started to stream in 2 hours before the official starting time, keen to check out the array of problems. And what an array it was.  With 4 different route setters recruited to do the work, there was a smorgus board of styles to test everyone’s skills and strength. The 15 problems did a fine job of separating the field in each category.

Scoring was based on the international system where number of Top Outs took priority, followed by number of attempts, number of Bonus Holds and finally, number of attempts to Bonus Holds.

Thank you to our route setters, Dave Richardson, Andrew Porter, Candice Bagley and illona Pelser and thank you to Jo Mare for doing all the back breaking work of cleaning the grips.  Congratulations to Michael van der Ham who is the only one to out-fox the route setters and out-gun the other competitors by topping out all the problems.

After all the cranking was done, spot prizes were handed out and the socialising began.  But not before some keen young climbers threw themselves at the Dyno competition.  It is hard to say whether the incentive of the R100 or the thrill of showing off for the crowd was what spurred the climbers on.  They tried relentlessly to stick the top hold till eventually Jonathan Hare came out as a clear winner with Roland Fuchs and Michael van der Ham tying for second.  We hope the tender skin was worth the glory.

Southern Rock is pleased to have another successful event under the belt and is looking forward to hosting the next 3 comps in this series.  It is sure to gain popularity as it goes.
Stay tuned for details of these and other events at your favourite KZN climbing gym.

Please note, there were no ties.
Number of attempts to top out is not shown below, but this was generally the separating factor.


CategoryRankNameNumber of Top Outs
U15 F1stKerry-Anne Stuckpoole2
 2ndJenna Bentley(4 Bonus Holds)
U19 F1stAnnabelle Slabbert7
Open F1stLeslee Salzmann11
 2ndJulia Sutherland6
 3rdBrigitte Laurent5
 4thCandice Clarke3
 5thKerry Jones1
U15 M1stDaniel Bentley5
 2ndRaegan Kramm3
U19 M1stJonathan Hare14
 2ndAntony Berry10
 3rdDylan Jerg9
Novice2ndDamian Caister8
 3rdGreg Thompson8
 4thTrevor Johnson6
 5thColin McCoy6
 7thStuart Sutherland4
 8thSteve Potgieter1
Expert1stMichael van der Ham15
 2ndScott Sinclair13
 3rdTrent Burnett13
 4thRoland Fuchs13
 5thMatthew Gibbon13
 6thJoel Ferguson12
 7thDave Drummond11
 8thChris Bahlmann11
 9thNic Geere11
 10thGarvin Jacobs11
 11thMike Wood10
 12thGerald Camp9


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3 Responses to Southern Rock Rumble Comp Results

  1. Garvin Nov 10, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    I don’t think it’s fair to the competitors that are novices that I am labelled a novice. I didn’t fill that in on my score card. I’ve been climbing for 15 years now. I was hoping to compete in the fat guys category. Being overweight doesn’t make me a novice.
    It was fun though. Enjoyed it. It’s a great gym.


  2. Jacques Nov 10, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    good going guys and gals!

  3. Justin Lawson Nov 12, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Yeah, Garvin… they probably took one look at you and thought there is no way that this guy has climbed before 😉

    Thanks for letting everyone know and not taking the glory route.

    The results have been updated (Garvin) has been moved from the Novice category (where he was in first place) to the Expert category (where he did not come last either 🙂

    Also: The ladies are now all in one category instead of Novice and Expert.

    Glad to hear that everyone had fun.

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