Rock Master 2012 results

Rockmaster winners women 2012

Left to right: 1st place: Julia Chen, 2nd: Annike Beste, 3rd: Gosia Lipinska. Photo by Aaron Filies

Rock Master 2012 Results:


1. Julia Chen
2. Annike Beste
3. Gosia Lipinska
4. Illona Pelser
5. Brenda Marx
6. Rachelle de Charmoy
7. Renee Miller


1. Matt Bush
2. Jamie Smith
3. Guy Patterson Jones
4. Dylan Vogt
5. Mathieu Schneuwly
Wesley Black
Mike van der Ham
Marijus Smigelskis
6. James Barnes

Rockmaster 2012 winners men

From left to right: 2nd place: Jamie Smith, 1st: Matt Bush, 3rd: Guy Patterson Jones. Photo by Aaron Filies

7. Calrin Curtis
8. Alan Hills
9. Jahne Theron
10. Arjan de Kock

Winners of the Dyno Competition

Pieter Engelbrecht & Gosia Lipinska

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2 Responses to Rock Master 2012 results

  1. Jacques Dec 10, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Well done yall!!!

  2. Warren G Dec 13, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Was a fun event!

    Justin, when there is a tie, yes everyone is 5th (for example) but then the person below them can’t be 6th, but rather 9th in this case. Sadly I learnt this watching golf- I promised I was forced to!

    looking forward to a nice write up about it

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