SANParks to increase conservation fees

SANParks to increase conservation fees

The South African National Parks (SANParks) announced that for the 2013/14 tariff year, annual increases in conservation fees will be higher than anticipated, mainly as a result of an increase in conservation operational costs.

This, according to Joep Stevens, SANParks General Manager: Strategic Tourism Services, who said this increase has been brought about by the provision of additional conservation functions such as additional security measures in some of the parks.  These include the additional rangers for Table Mountain and the Kruger National Park as well as other national parks.

He said the additional security measures were implemented because of increased criminal activities such as poaching of mainly rhino in Kruger and Marakele as well as mugging incidents at Table Mountain National Park.

According to Stevens since the implementation of additional security measures particularly at Table Mountain, a noticeable decrease in criminal activity has been recorded.

He said this exercise is part of SANParks annual increase and will see conservation fees rise by 15 to 25%.  Overall accommodation rates will increase by an average of 10,1% and the rate structure is being adjusted to align with industry standards.  “As such the accommodation rates will be changing to a three tier system which will include a low season rate, shoulder season rate and a high season rate.  This will be the first time that SANParks has introduced different tiers for the same accommodation products over different times of the year depending on demand.”

These new rate changes will come into effect on 1 November 2013 and bookings for November 2013 will open on Tuesday 18 December 2012 date.

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