Rock Rumble 2 Results

Rock Rumble 2 Results

The Southern Rock Rumble was an even greater success than the first.  The walls were dominated by So Ill holds, which made for an interesting and tricky combination of problems that were enjoyed by all ages.

With climbers streaming in even earlier than the starting time, there was a constant flow of psyche all evening, late into the night at Southern Rock.  The problems ranged widely across the difficulty levels, giving everybody something to play on.  There were often roars of support coming from the crowd as someone dug deep to claim the send.

As with any good comp, you realise it is a success when you can feel the comaraderie as a tangible entity and feel the climbing community knitting together in one venue.
Congratulations to all who competed.  It seems the route setters (Jo Mare, Stefan Lutge, Dave Drummond, illona Pelser and Roger Nattrass) read their target audience well as even SR’s resident strong man, Michael van der Ham, didn’t manage to flash all the problems and found that his competitors were close on his heels.

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And for a bit of extra entertainment, 2 bonus routes were set with some added “incentive” a’ la Roger style.

It seems the comp was enjoyed by all and we look forward to seeing new faces at each round.

Rock Rumble 2 competition results held at Southern Rock Climbing Gym

Trent wants YOU at the next Rumble.

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