The Barn 8th Lead Competition

The Barn 8th Anniversary Lead Competition

Hours spent on the walls creating what we envisioned and staring down at an endless number of possible moves, trying to challenge the past routes we’ve once set… and we’ve done it.

I’m not sure if it was caffeine or adrenalin keeping us standing in the final wind up before the competition started but when it came down to demoing the routes, competition buzz set in.  New faces popped up amongst the known and in the eyes of everyone I could see excitement.  Excitement for seeing friends and for new unchallenged routes that were soon to be crushed!

Qualifiers were a smash hit with constant cheering and the word ‘clip’ being heard from every corner of the Barn.  After working up an appetite lunch was a welcome break,  filled with constant chatter and the smell of food on the fire.

Semi-finals proved to be both a test of nerves and vocal cords as competitors gave it their all on some killer routes that gave a taste of what was to come… but no one could have predicted how the final routes took our breath away as we watched in both awe and exhilaration.

Category winners were:
U15 Girls: 1st Sabrina Veiga
U15 Boys: 1st KatehoPobe, 2nd Damien Blokker and 3rd Dean Theron
U17 Girls: 1st Caitlyn Sargeant and 2nd Eran Waldeck
U17 Boys: 1st Tristan Swart, 2nd Brandon Van Houten and 3rdGrivin Roering

Novice Women: 1st AnriSnyman
Novice Men: 1st Brendon Salzer, 2nd Chris Brown and 3rd MichealDiala
Expert Women: 1st Tiffany Wells
Expert Men: 1st Dylan Vogt, 2nd Calrin Curtis and 3rd Severin Curtis

We deeply congratulate all 62 participants in our 8th annual competition as without your support, we wouldn’t be here.  To our routesetters Paul Bruyere, Gregory Oudhof, Robin Sherwood and administrator Gillian Bester for making this competition one of our best.  A special thanks to all the volunteers for your assistance and to our sponsors, CityROCK, Mountain Mail Order and Resin8, for their generous donations.

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