Tourists airlifted from Table Mountain

Two hiking tourists were airlifted off Table Mountain in separate incidents after the sweltering heat got the better of them on Tuesday.

The South African Weather Service recorded a high of 31ºC in the City Bowl at noon while temperatures as high as 41ºC were recorded elsewhere in the province.

In the first incident, David Thomas, 69, from Chicago was treated for dehydration after fainting near the top of Platteklip Gorge.

In the second incident, a German tourist, Hartmut Pütterich, was airlifted after his daughter went in search of him and found him sitting in pain near a stream on the Bakoven side of the mountain.

When I got to him he complained of a pain that was coming from his neck. I was also afraid something might be wrong with his heart,” said Pütterich’s daughter, Stefanie.

Pütterich was treated by paramedics for low blood-pressure and mild dehydration before heading back to his hotel.

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