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Nightjar Travel, an adventure travel site founded by the former editor of OutThere magazine (which unfortunately ceased to be last year), together with Cape Union Mart, is running an Adventurer of the Year competition.  Included in the panelists (for the judged awards) are Riaan Manser and Cape Town climbing legend, Jeremy Samson.

Contestants include South Pole trek-racers, Russian ice swimmers, Mozambique kitesurfers, SA-coastline paddlers, Arabian desert-crossers and our very own Arctic Expedition  sailing/climbing team (comprising Andrew Porter, Steve Bradshaw, Dave Glass, and Clinton Marteningo).

The main prize is a readers-choice award, so please show your support by voting here (they are the motley crew in the centre with the flag).  In return, any of them will happily buy you a beer if you happen to see them out!

In case you missed our coverage last year, the guys sailed 11,000 kilometres in a 10 metre sailboat from Scotland to Alaska stopping at various points to open new big-wall routes on cliffs that jutted straight out of the ocean.  Notable amongst their achievements were Improbability Drive, a nine-day first ascent on Impossible Wall which they freed at grade 26, and Bonfire of the Vanities, a first ascent of the impressive Polar Molar on the north coast of Baffin Island.  You can watch a 40 minute video of their trip here.

Arctic Expedition

Arctic Expedition

“Though it didn’t really sink in at the time, if we had wanted to bail, there was nowhere to retreat to. Rappelling would only lead us down to a deep ocean, where you’d then need to survive a quarter-mile swim through icy Arctic water to reach the nearest shore. The only way off the cliff was upwards.”

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