Boven Sport climbing Sponsorship Fund

The Boven guidebook generates a small income from advertising.  50% of the proceeds will be given to good South African climbing causes, with a sport climbing focus.

This could be equipping new crags or lines of quality and significance, not necessarily in SA but should be putting us on the map somehow.  The amounts available are not huge but at a minimum of R1000.  Preference will be given to MCSA club-members and of course those who need the assistance.  Applications for 2013 should be made by end of May this year Send applications to:

Half and single page advertising space is available in the guidebook, for enquiries please email to the same address for details – 50% of the proceeds will go into the Boven Fund kitty so will help the sport as well as your business.

Thanks to this amazing website for hosting the Boven Guide and making this fund possible, and to the existing guidebook sponsors (Mountain Mail Order, 5.10, Mammut).

Flex climbing Tokolosie at Waterval Boven

Marc Efune on Tokolosie (8a). Photo by Dirk Smith

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