Report: Montagu Rock Rally 2013

The day of the rally dawned sunny with that unmistakeable Winter chill in the air.  The early-bird risers were treated to free coffee, tea and hot-chocolate by Jetboil under the Black Diamond gazebo.  Ram Mountaineering’s Deidre Keulder was assisted by climber Alta van der Merwe.  The hot beverages were just what was needed for some sleepy climbers.

The briefing was held by Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) member and organiser of this year’s rally, Delaney Carpenter.  Over 50 climbers gathered in the De Bos courtyard to hear the rules of the competition amidst banners and posters of Power House brands and sponsors of the rally, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Wild Country and Boreal.  Despite the rally being far better organised this year, the participants’ numbers were only about half than last year’s attendees.

As the climbers headed out to the crags, they were interspersed by a variety of competitors vying for the fancy dress awards; amongst them Smurfs, Zulu Elders, Superman and Superwoman and a very sexy Santa and his Elf.

With the day warming up, the crags were awash with sunlight and climbers; from the newbies just starting out at the sport and not quite having reached that elusive 22, to the workaholics and parents who still squeeze climbing time into their hectic lives, to the more serious climbers who crush those upper 20 and early 30 grades.  There was place for them all and the day was set for some epic sends and some die-hard moves.

2013 Montagu Rock Rally

The 2013 Montagu Rock Rally Winner – Matt Bush sending Duende (32) at the Peanut Gallery in Bad Kloof.


In between the milieu of climbing were Black Diamond-sponsored climbers Gosia Lipinska and Clinton Martinengo, cranking hard and having a blast.  There were climbers just out for a good time and those with goals of achieving better results than their last year’s scores or just a better climbing experience over all.

As the sun began to set behind the magnificent mauve mountains, tired climbers came sauntering in, bringing their crumpled scoresheets with them.  The lapa at De Bos campsite was already abuzz with DJ Jono Joseph from Outward Ventures jamming some tunes and Cheeky Little Caterers finalizing the most scrumptious potjie.  The climbers who forgot their hunger were soon watering at the mouth when the glorious smells wafted across the field to the campsite.  Sponsors La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Boreal, Wild Country and Jetboil made their presence known with banners and posters decorating the usually bland and rustic-looking lapa.  It was a festive party to walk into after a long, hard day’s climbing.

Taking the helm after the climbers had satiated their appetites and the scores had all been tallied was Climb ZA’s very own Justin Lawson.  Acting as Master of Ceremonies for the second time in a row, Justin acknowledged the sponsors of this year’s Montagu Rock Rally with due gratitude.  The winners of each category were then announced and the most fantastic prizes were handed out to the climbers who came out tops at the end of the day.

Then the party began and DJ Jono had the climbers forgetting their fatigue from the day and dancing most of the night away.

Delaney Carpenter would like to thank the following Sponsors for making this event possible:

Montagu Rock Rally 2013 Sponsors

Black DiamondMammutBealBorealLa SportivaDMM – Wild Country – Evolv – Flashed Quickdraws – Buff – Jetboil – De Bos Guest Farm – Roc ‘n Rope Adventures – De Pakhuys – Simonskloof Mountain – Retreat – Alpha Exelsior – Keisie Cottages – Glider

Further thanks go to:

Climb ZA for advertising the event and allowing us to set up the registration through their site for free
De Bos Guest Farm for hosting the event at their venue
Cheeky Little Caterers for catering the event
Jetboil (from Ram Mountaineering) for the free tea, coffee and hot chocolate on the morning of the event
Jono Joseph (from Outward Ventures) for DJing at the event
Sun Pro Audio for the hire of their music and lighting equipment
Mountain Club of South Africa for covering all other costs and for being an integral part in this event happening each and every year
T-shirt and Garment for printing and organizing the T-shirts – this is always a miracle getting the shirts done in under a week!  Thank you, Helene.  You are amazing!
Ines Soutschka for the 2013 Montagu Rock Rally Logo.
Morne Uys and Lakeside Beerworks for the amazing Red Ochre Ale beer!

Winners of the 2013 Montagu Rock Rally:

2013 Montagu Rock Rally

Hermie Venter Smurfing a warm up at Legoland.

Open Women
1st Place: Gosia Lipinska (sponsored by Black Diamond)
2nd Place: Jeanne Bouyat

Open Men
1st Place: Matt Bush
2nd Place: Phlip Olivier
3rd Place: Alan Hills

Workaholics and Parents Women
1st Place: Fiona McIntosh
2nd Place: Shaen Adey
3rd Place: Amrei von Hase

Workaholics and Parents Men
1st Place: Clinton Martinengo (sponsored by Black Diamond)
2nd Place: Keith Forbes
3rd Place: Malcolm Gowans

Newbies Women
1st Place: Genevieve Lamonge
2nd Place: Megan Bursey
3rd Place: Mikela Sinovich

Newbies Men
1st Place: Jannus Visser
2nd Place: Jarrett Engelbrecht
3rd Place: Justin Gomes

Matriarch of the Mountains: Fiona McIntosh
Monarch of the Mountains: Malcolm Gowans

Youngest Competitor:  Ethan Ellis

Sends of the Day:
Mikela Sinovich for on-sighting everything but one route
Stefaan Swart for sending a 22 when his hardest redpoint to date was a 19
Catherine Phillips for decimating her hands on Creepy-Crawly

Fancy Dress

1st Place: The Smurfs – Hermie Venter and Alta van der Merwe
2nd Place: The Aba Kwetha: Coming of Age – Fiona McIntosh and Shaen Adey
3rd Place: Jan Spies se Vies Kêrels – Phlip Olivier, Danie Moolman, Hendrik Smith and Jacobus Smith

Best DJ : Jono Joseph

An enormous thank you to all who attended the rally!  Your constant support means that we can do this again next year!



The Montagu Rock Rally 2013 will take place on the 13th of April.

Prizes for Best Fancy Dress
Lots of spot prizes to be won
Potjie and party (Beer available on tap – cash only)

08:15 – Rally brief
08:30 – Hooter starts the day


– Hooter ends the day
19:30 – Potjie starts
20:30 – Prize giving
21:45 – Party!!!!

  • Should you have any questions or queries – please comment on this page.

Montagu Rock Rally 2013

A big thanks to this years sponsors of the Montagu Rock Rally!!!

Montagu Rock Rally 2013 Sponsors

Montagu Rock Rally in the forum

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  1. Cuan Mar 25, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Paid and registered and psyched!!! 😀 Better be a good potjie…at least I won’t have to cook that night 😛

  2. Anesh Magan Apr 2, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    Rules? How does competition work?

  3. Delaney Apr 3, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    Hi All

    The climbing competition will be run based on top scores from 10 routes only. We had a 50/50 opinion poll of having only 10 routes or as many you like so this year, I’d like to keep it simple and score only 10 routes of the day.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Greg Kriel Apr 5, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    Done deal registered 🙂 just in time for the T-shirt 🙂 hahaha stoked

  5. Neal Apr 8, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    Hey. Is there a minimum level of climbing skill etc. for this? Have some friends who would be keen on coming but they are still purely top ropers.



  6. Immo Apr 12, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    I unfortunately have to pull out. Need to grease monkey my car into working order this weekend. 🙁

  7. Chris F Apr 16, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Looks like fun. Who were the sponsors 🙂

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