Activity Permits for rock climbing in the the Table Mountain National Park

Mountain Club of South Africa logoClimbers report that rangers have recently been requiring them to produce ‘My Activity Permits’ for a wide range of climbing activities in the Park.
The MCSA’s understanding of the existing arrangement is as follows:  No permit is required for hiking, scrambling or traditional (trad)

No permit is required for bouldering, pending finalization of an Environmental Management Plan for Bouldering. MCSA is working with SANParks on this and, until it is finalized, climbers are requested to observe a moratorium on bouldering at Redhill.

A ‘My Activity Permit (Level 2)’ is required for sport climbing (ie, climbing at bolted crags).  See the SANParks website for details.

However, card-carrying MCSA members are exempt from this requirement, in consideration of MCSA’s management of sport climbing in terms of SANParks’ Environmental Management Programme for Climbing on the Peninsula Mountain Chain, which is also posted there.

SANParks have indicated that they propose changing this arrangement and MCSA is engaging with them on this. MCSA would like to know of all incidents where rangers challenge climbers contrary to the above arrangement.  Please email full details to Delaney at so that we can keep a log.

And lastly, a reminder to all climbers: as always, please respect our Park, tread lightly and leave no trace.

Delaney Carpenter, Convenor of the Rock-climbing Subcommittee of MCSA, Cape Town Section, on behalf of Brian Lambourne, Chairman of MCSA, Cape Town Section.

Further to the recent challenges from SANP Rangers with climbers in Table Mountain National Park, the Mountain Club of South Africa has drafted a letter which climbers can download from our website and print out to take with them to show to any rangers who may question their climbing activities in the park.

An official PDF copy of the letter can be downloaded and printed off the MCSA website.

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