Nursery Ravine Highline

Please Note:  The setting up of highlines in South Africa are for the most part illegal.  Climb ZA takes no responsibility for your actions. Highlining is a very dangerous activity, you can be seriously injured in or killed.

Highlines are invisible to helicopters:

If you are rigging a line between two points, please take into consideration helicopters (who may be out on exercises – in the remotest of areas).  If you are putting a line up in the mountains please seek guidance of those doing it already.

Name: The Polish Highline

Length: 30m

Height: It varies a bit, the highest point directly down is about 40m, there is a small no leash fall zone, 5m long, on the right side (when you are sitting in the gorge and facing Kirstenbosch).

Rating: Great trick line, fun to surf. Good for beginners wanting a challenge. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

How to get There: Park at Kirstenbosch top gate and pay entrance fee, R40 adults, then walk up nursery ravine. Alternately you could start at Sicilia forest, a few km down the road from Top Gate towards Hout Bay, and walk up to the contour path then traverse left to Nursery Ravine if you don’t feel like paying entrance to Kirstenbosch and want more exercise. Once at the top of nursery ravine turn right and follow the path for about 50m. You then turn off right and follow a faint path across the top towards the city. You will find the gully the line goes over. Stick to the left or right to reach whatever anchor you want, we setup camp on the right but there is a nice cave on the left if it rains and you want to hide out, I can’t say how water proof the cave is.

Nursery Ravine Highline

Nursery Ravine Highline


Anchors: Both sides have natural anchors. On the right side we used two 3m spansets for the main line and backed it up to a boulder behind with some static rope and two additional 3m spansets.

On the left you set the anchor quite far away from the edge on a big boulder and then run it forward with some padded spansets to the lip. We used about four 3m spansets for this anchor and an additional four for backup.

The rock is quite smooth but you will need padding for the spansets.

Getting from one side to the other: There is not much of a path, the path on the one side drops off a bit so watch your step. We walked the line around the gully. It was a bit of a mission but didn’t take too long.

Tension: We had the tension system on the left because the line runs over the edge of the cliff to where you are standing, so it is easier to use the line grip or fixed pulleys.

Exposure: The gully is quite protected and it is not the most exposed line on Table Mountain but you can get some nice shots with the city in the background.

Conditions: Watch out for walking down Nursery ravine when it’s wet, the rocks are slippery. I think it’s a all weather line. We walked it in the clouds which was quite fun.

Other Info: There may be potential for a longer line further down the gully from one nose to another. It is unlikely a helicopter would want to fly up there because it is a fairly remote part of the mountain and the gap is not very big. There is unfortunately not much space for a rope swing off the line. There may be potential to rig a cable came above the line for some stunning shots. You are unlikely to have any problems with Rangers at this spot.

Nursery Ravine Highline



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