Redhill Moratorium Lifted

Hi All

The MCSA has lifted its self-imposed Moratorium on Redhill areas Coppermine and Grootkop only. Easter Island is still off limits due to the sensitivity of the environment around it.

Please find below the MCSA letter for you to take with you to present to any rangers who may challenge you. We are seeing an increasing number of rangers who don’t know the different types of climbing, or what the permit status is for them, challenging climbers in the park.

Please keep my number handy in case you need it and please don’t be shy to call me or have the ranger call me if they are adamant: 083 355 9933.

Thanks so much for all your patience and I will keep you informed of the progress of the Bouldering EMP once SANP responds to my emails.

Thanks so much
ConvenerRock Sub Committee (MCSA Cape Town)

Redhill Moratorium Letter

Redhill Bouldering

Niel Mostert crushing Elfen Lied (8a) at the Vajra area, Redhill. Photo by: Margherita Introna


Redhill Moratorium Letter

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