Tokai MTB mugging

Unfortunate incident in Tokai today last Sunday the 21 July.

At approx 1pm two cyclists were attacked and both bikes were taken.  This occurred just below the Bridal path switchbacks, which is quite surprising as it would mean they have quite a distance to cover before they could exit the park.  The matter is being taken up with TMNP visitor safety.

Source:  TokaiMtb Mountainbike Central

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  1. Justin Lawson Jul 23, 2013 at 1:47 pm #


    They wrestled for the backpack and his assailant started hitting him.

    He was hit on his head and arms, and his helmet was smashed, he said.

    He glanced at his wife and saw a stick hovering over her head. She shouted to him to let go of the bag and he did.

    Full report at:

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