Petzl RocTrip Argentina 2012 – The official movie

Located in the heart of the Patagonian pampas, in Argentina’s Chubut province, Piedra Parada’s monolith rises up from the surrounding desert. Lying just to the north, the majestic La Buitrera Canyon was home to the Petzl RocTrip in November 2012.  For more than a week, climbers from all over the world came together to share a common passion: climbing. Thanks to the hard work of a team of Argentinean and international route developers, La Buitrera Canyon, 5 km long with towering cliffs up to 200m high, is now one of Argentina’s major climbing spots. For the tenth edition of the Petzl RocTrip, more than 1500 people climbed in the wind, dust, heat, and cold, for an unforgettable Patagonian experience!

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  1. andrew p Aug 7, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Some good rock there, might have to spend some time there. Reminds me of some of the sandstone formations around the berg, makes me wonder if it might host more than we currently far we have Mt Everest, Swinburne, Wow Prow..

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