Video: Steve Bradshaw in Rocklands

Steve reports on a few of his recent sends in Rocklands where he’s been living with his wife Angie in a caravan for the past few months.  Unfortunately, as this video was created (about a month ago) Steve was struck down by a shoulder injury–but at least it was on the send of El Corazon!  To make matters worse, as he was returning to form, he injured the other shoulder on Armed Response, sending him back to the blood bin for a few more weeks.

Luckily, he finally seems to be on the mend and has done a few new climbs in the past few days including Nutsa, Mintberry Crunch and a flash of Golden Virginia.

Steve has three more weeks left in Rocklands before the traveling duo move on to Spain where they’ll get back on some of their long term projects.

He is sponsored by Beal, Black Diamond, and Saltic.


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