Barbara Zangerl: Same Same But Different – Official Trailer

The movie “Same Same But Different” follows the transformative journey of Barbara Zangerl: For many years, Barbara was known as one of the best female boulderers in the world, being one of the first females to climb the grade of 8b. At the age of 19, and at the top of her game, a serious back injury meant that Barbara’s success in bouldering would come to a abrupt close.  Too eager and determined to leave her beloved sport behind, Barbara began to master rope climbing. With a whole new outlook on climbing, Barbara is repeating some of the hardest alpine routes around, including “End of Silence” (Thomas Huber’s 1994 classic), “Silbergeier” (by Beat Kammerlander) and “Des Kaisers neue Kleider” (“The Emporer’s New Clothes” by Stefan Glowacz), which are together known as the “Trilogy” – the three top sport routes in the Alps, celebrated by climbers around the world.

“Same Same But Different” goes beyond the action, exploring Barbara’s outlook, her past and her passion for climbing. After following Barbara for more than two years, the climbingdocumentation presents a collection of some of Europe’s most beautiful lines and destinations, and captured some of her toughest moments and greatest achievements. Climbing Documentary 2013, Release: Fall, 2013.

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