Rumble Boulder Competition #4 Report + Results

Rumble Comp Report and resultsCompetition night is always exciting at Southern Rock.  From the moment you start setting routes till the last tired body leaves the gym it is a non-stop adrenalised time for the staff and competitors alike.  Our head route setter, Michael van der Ham took it upon himself to set the majority of the routes.  It is endearing to see a route setter put so much heart into his work, spending many hours planning, setting, testing and tweaking the routes till they meet his high level of expectations.  Roger stepped in to add a few tricksy ol’ Nattrass routes to the mix, ensuring that his routes were no less life changing than Mikey’s.

Competitors started to trickle in shortly before 4pm, their eyes widening as they saw the brightly coloured but seemingly sparse routes.  But all of those routes went….. although only to one individual who knows the meaning of trying hard…..but more on that later.

It is always great when a large portion of the competitive field is made of the youth.  The walls were filled with eager young climbers, encouraging each other and doing their best to figure out the often deceptive sequences.  Sean Rudd in particular was determined to conquer the yellow traverse which had you swinging from the wave to the tower and then balancing your way across the wall before launching on a hope and prayer to the less than good end hold.  Having touched the hold 4 times but not quite latching it fueled Sean on to try it again and again till there was no more steam left in him.  The reigning U19 champion, Jonathan Hare, dashed in on his study break to crush as many routes as he could in his limited time before he had to return to the books.

Rumble Comp Report and resultsApparently there has been some secret training amongst some of our regulars with strong performances from Joel Ferguson, Andy Dewar and Scott Sinclair.  Well done chaps.  Scott was the one who thwarted all the problems and came out tops for this round.  See below for the results.  Final results for the cumulative scores for the entire set of comps will be announced at the Reel Rock Tour 8 screening and prizes handed out

Sean Chater    1    5    1
James Kemp    2    4    2
Cameron Wasserman    3    4
Josh Reid    4    4
Jason Burgess    5    4
Liam O’ Connor    6    3    1
Trenton O’ Brien    7    2    1

Rumble Comp Report and resultsU17
Sean Rudd    1    11    1
Jared Parry    2    5    1
Nathan Myburgh    2    5    1

Jonathan Hare    1    13    2
Novice    Andrew Dewar    1    8    1
Tyron Keague    2    6
Matthew Keague    3    5

Scott Sinclair    1    15
Duncan Fraser    2    13    2
Stefan Lutge    3    13    2
Joel Ferguson    4    13
Roland Fuchs    5    12    1
Matthew Gibbon    5    12    1
Chris Bahlmann    7    12    1
Dave Drummond    7    12    1
U15    Ashley Minnie    1    6    3
Tyra Munro    2    5    5
Kayla    3    5    1
Kerry-Anne Stackpoole    4    4    3

Annabelle Slabbert    1    8    4
Karina Moodley    2    8    3

Carmen Naicker    1    8    3

Brigitte Laurent    1    6    2


Rumble Boulder Competition

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