Single Handed Summits

Single Handed Summits logoSouth African born, Nic Paidas (28) ‘aka 1armbandit‘ is an avid rock climber and mountaineer.
The only difference between Nic and other climbers is that he was born with only a left hand.

His right arm stops just below the elbow.  Nic climbed first at the age of 10 and did fairly well.  That was when the passion for climbing began but it has only been in the past 5 years that he has pursued climbing more seriously and climbs two or three times a week.

Climbing a rock face has never failed to offer anything but the same challenges, excitement and thrill that any ten fingered climber would face.  However watching him climb with just one hand is an inspiration and it is quite clear that he has truly been gifted by God with an ability to do so.  The dexterity of his other limbs and the strength of his hand make it all possible.

Single Handed Summits

Nic on pitch 3 of the Angus Lappen route in the Drakensberg.

In recorded history no one with only one hand has reached the summits of Batian and Nelion on Mount Kenya.  This mountain has always been held in high esteem by Nic, as the tallest technical climb on the continent and so during December of this year (2013) he will be climbing the South East Face of Nelion together with a team of three others, Neil Margetts, Taryn van Olden and Justin Barlow.

The Southeast Face of Nelion is a Trad / Alpine route with 20 pitches and graded at III (SA grade 14-16) and the expedition will take place on the 6th to 16th December 2013

Nic and Justin are looking for some sponsorship for this trip so if anyone is interested in supporting them in this way please email Nic.

Single Handed Summits

Some of the (longer) routes in the Berg that Nic has to date?  
– Outer Mnweni Pinnacle: Original Route (Free Solo)
– Sentinel: Standard Route McLeod’s Variation (5 ascents)
– Sentinel: Angus-Leppan Route (F3 or F1/A1)
– Singati Wall (Attempted but failed to find the route to the top)

How Nic lost his hand? 
Nic was born with a rare condition known as Congenital Amputation which left him with only one arm, and the other arm without a hand from the area just below the elbow.
Finding a way to do everything with just one hand meant that I grew up into a person who would always try something until a solution was found to make it possible.

Expedition Costs

The basic costs for Nic and Justin, his climbing partner/photographer to Climb Mount Kenya amount to R34 000 (R17 000 each)
This amount will cover:  Flights, Transport, National Park Fees, Porters, Accommodation in Nairobi, Mountain Hut fees etc.

Equipment Costs

Although both Nic and Justin are seasoned climbers there are several essential items that are needed to make this expedition possible.
The estimated cost of the bare essential gear amounts to R33 000  
Without needing to borrow any equipment they would need R45 000

For more info check out Nic’s website:

Single Handed Summits

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  1. Neil Margetts Sep 25, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    Some nice footage of Kings Kloof in the video.

  2. PaulGoddard Sep 27, 2013 at 9:28 am #

    super impressive Nic, good luck with Mnt Kenya dude !

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