Southern Rock’s 1st birthday

Southern Rock's 1st birthday compThe Rumble Boulder Competition #4 is on the 5th of September – click here for details

Just before 6pm on the 6th of August, members and eager climbers started to trickle in to Southern Rock to show support for their favourite Durban gym.

Even though Southern Rock has only been open just over a year, it has enjoyed an enthusiastic and loyal support from the climbing community who were all too keen to take advantage of a climbing venue that was open 7 days a week and 363 days a year.

The competition was a fun one, with a few tongue in cheek challenges that were designed to flex mental powers as much as physical.  While some competitors tackled the tricksy “Get a Grip” problem (where only foot grips were allowed) others campused up the wave and gave their guns a loving smackeroo when they reached the top.
And although the 3-legged traverse was quite entertaining to watch as climbers dragged their team-mates across the wall, none could beat the spectacle of Scott “sexy legs” Sinclair as he donned every item of “clothing” possible and gave the crowd a good show on the “Strip Climbing” problem, earning him enough points to come 1st place in the Open Men’s category.

Southern Rock's 1st birthday comp

The most novel of the activities was the Lava Monster Traverse where climbers did their level best to not touch the ground and avoid being gobbled up by the voracious Lava Monster….or so we told them.   Survival was ensured by such daring feats as shimmying up a pole, balancing across the swinging bridge and pulling themselves across the rope ladder.

A great night was enjoyed by all and everyone who attended was spoiled with chocolate cake and a prize.  Thank you to everyone who shared a great night with us.
Thank you to Michael van der Ham for all his help with the setting up and thank you to Dave Drummond for his wicked ideas and help with the course design.

Till next year, happy cranking.

Southern Rock's 1st birthday comp

Southern Rock's 1st birthday comp

Mr ‘Sexy Legs’

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