Speed climbing comp 2013 Report & Results

This weekend we held our first speed-climbing competitions, with the open age-group on Saturday and the youth on Sunday.

The open event was great fun, with some close competition among the fairly small group of climbers. The four identical routes that we set up our 12m wall made for some epic final races!

Congrats to Rory Neilson for taking first place in the men’s catagory (and in the pull-up comp!) and to Jenny Pitcher for first place for the women!

KZN rock climbing speed competition 2013

On Sunday we had a fantastic turn-out, with just under 50 youth climbers taking part.

The kids loved this introduction into speed-climbing, which is arguably the most fun competition format. Again the climbers were very evenly matched in most of the age-groups, which made for some really exciting finals!

Looking forward to next years event already! Now it’s time to start setting new routes to get the gym back to normal!

Below are the results from the youth event.

U13 Boys.

Boys u/13SchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinalPull ups
1Jaryd KritzingerDHS00:27.400:29.728.6322.00
2Macs ToichGlenwood prep00:31.900:26.237.3426.69
3Josh MunstermanThomas More00:32.800:30.225.4427.43
4Josh SouleKloof Senior00:37.800:43.831.7930.94
5Matt KirkmanHigh Altitude00:28.800:30.0
6Lorenzo MeakerThomas More00:33.400:30.5
7Craig SmithKloof Junior00:39.300:34.8
8Bradley MahlknechtKloof Senior00:41.300:39.7
9Christopher WallaceKloof Junior01:03.800:52.47


U13 Girls

u/13 girlsSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinalPull ups
1Johandri FourieWerda00:38.200:35.700:44:0931.9
2Jenna BentleyThomas More00:48.100:37.700:56:1332.66
3Kristen RosserKloof High00:43.000:49.300:49.338.56
4Mikayla MenezesWerda00:43.300:49.93
5Terisha PillayDGHS01:36.301:17.8
6Tessa SomasundramDGHS03:02.602:10.0

U15 Boys

u/15 boysSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinalPull ups
1Adam FindlayHigh Altitude00:22.700:17.300:18:2914.97
2William ClarkeDHS00:20.800:17.600:20:1516.96
3Minehle NtoombelaDHS00:21:5921.53
4Daniel BentleyThomas More00:26.300:24.612
5Zunaid ValodiaThomas More00:28:1500:28.5
6Ashvir DebbaDHS00:34.700:32.6

U15 Girls

u/15 girlsSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinalPull ups
1Tyra-Lee PillayDGHS00:29.700:47.300:29:3825.97
2Ashley MinnieWestville Girls00:33.300:28.500:27:2526.34
3Kathusia ChettyDGHS00:33.200:30.800:29:0327.78
4Tyra MunroWestville Girls00:34.200:29.600:33:2829.57
5Rebecca FarquharsonHigh Altitude00:32.100:34.7
6Richel OdayarDGHS01:01.000:32.8
7Lily JordanHigh Altitude00:33.900:34.1
8Hannah EverettDGHS00:36.600:40.6
9Holly De LangeDGHS00:41.000:38.51.5
10Katherine NealDGHS00:58.000:49.0
11Melissa NealDGHS00:58.200:49.6
12Yuvani PillayDGHS01:19.700:59.1

U17 Boys

u/17 boysSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinalPull ups
1Daniel KirkmanHigh Altitude00:14.200:13.012.5912.53
2Donovan HulettDHS00:18.100:16.114.2815.4
3Dale RosserKloof High00:20.400:17.917.6516.59
4Calvin DafelDHS00:19.000:17.516.3119.85
6Robert SchmidtHigh Altitude00:20.000:18.8
7Justin SteynTomas More00:19.600:19.916
8Sean RuddThomas More00:19.900:23.8
9Lindani MsomiDHS00:20.000:21.1
10Charles YoungThomas More00:24.500:28.5
11Dylan SmithHigh Altitude01:14.101:08.9

U17 Girls

u/17 girlsSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinal
1Alex WilliamsThomas More00:23.400:23.823.8520.12
2Amyleigh AliphonDGHS00:23.700:22.324.9421.16
3Karina MoodleyWestville0.026634:14.0
4Mellisa PattisonDGHS01:12.400:56.5

U19 Boys

u/19 boysSchoolQual 1Qual 2Knock-outFinal
1Mark FreemanThomas More00:19.900:18.000:18.018.81

School Team Relay

2Thomas More College01:04.3
3Durban Girls01:19.9
4High Altitude01:27.7
1Southern Rock Juniors01:27.9
2Kloof Senior Primary02:06.5

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