Two more 35/8c+’s Ashima Shiraishi

Ashima Shiraishi on 50 Words For Pump, Red River Gorge.

12 year old Ashima Shiraishi has spent a few days in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, where she has the habit of stunning the world with a slew of world class ascents every year.

This year was no different as she managed to climb two routes in the 8c/8c+ range in two days:

24 Karats, originally sent by Jonathan Siegrist, is a modern Red River Gorge testpiece that ascends the immaculate Gold Coast wall on tiny crimps up an overhanging face.

50 Words For Pump is quite different to 24… as it’s very steep and pumpy. It has seen quite a few repeats and weighs in around ~8c/+ or so. The first female ascent was made by Mélissa Le Nevé last year.

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Ashima Shiraishi on 24 carats, 8c+, Red River Gorge

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