Update: Rock Master 2013 – Report + Results

Last Saturday night, Cape Town’s climbing centre CityROCK in obz, was once again rocking with the fourth annual ROCK MASTER climbing competition.

This prestigious event, which is by invitation only, shows South Africa’s best climbers battle it out for top honours. Climbers from all over the country assembled here to pit themselves against fiendish and pumpy routes that were set by Josh Bedford and tested by Douw Steyn. The routes were hard and sequency, but most were able to solve the riddles and get high on the routes with some even clipping the anchors.

The tension was palpable as climbers broke through crux sequences, to wild applause, which had stumped previous contestants, and managed to get a few moves higher before winging off in often spectacular fashion.

Spectators were entertained with powerful climbing, determination, grit and some flawless sequences as they cheered the athletes on, as they got higher and higher up the wall, edging slowly to those somewhat elusive anchors.

All climbers climbed two routes, both onsight.  The scores of both routes were then added together to determine the final results.

The women put on a gutsy performance, with Gosia Lipinska coming away the clear winner, leaving Rachelle de Charmoy and Julia Chen to fight it out in a super final, where Rachelle just managed to clinch second place.


From Left to Right: Julia Chen in 3rd place, Gosia Lipinska coming away the clear winner, with Rachelle de Charmoy taking second place


In the Men’s category, the top of the field was also tightly contested with only one point between first and second place.  Jamie Smith, although not clipping the anchors on either route, came close enough to pip Marijus Šmigelskis (who sent the first route), which left Adam Ludford taking bronze.


From left to right: Adam Ludford took bronze. Jamie Smith, 1st place and Marijus Šmigelskis placed 2nd.


It was a great evening and lots of thanks to all the contestants – some travelling from the other side of the country (one, Kimie de Oliviera Kon, hailing from Portugal) for making the event such an exciting one. Also to everyone who helped: Josh Bedford – the route setter, belayers (Warren Gans and Cuan Lohrentz), judge (Sean Langeveldt), route maintenance (Jan Fischer), Eric (the MC), Lee (the photographer), the Three Cooks (who were responsible for the fantastic food) and of course CityROCK for hosting the event and to all their staff for their help and staying power.

A huge thanks also to the sponspors:

Black Diamond, Boreal, First Ascent, Petzl, 5.10, Mountain Hardwear, Prana, Mountain Mail Order, the MCSA, Red Earth, Darling wine cellars, SA Mountain Magazine, Climb ZA and Ridicule.
Thanks for supporting the event.

Hope to see you all next year at South Africa’s Rock Master, where the country’s best climbers compete for the prestigious Rock Master crown.

Report by Tony Lourens

Full Results:

Women’s Lead

  1. Gosia Lipinska
  2. Rachelle de Charmoy
  3. Julia Chen
  4. Kimie De Oliviera Kon
  5. Brittany Bunce

Men’s Lead

  1. Jamie Smith
  2. Marijus Smigelskis
  3. Adam Ludford
  4. Calrin Curtis
  5. Sheldon Smith
  6. Benj de Charmoy
  7. Alan Hills
  8. Mathieu Schneuwly
  9. Jason Rist



Come see the top climbers of SA climbing in the Rock Master 2013 at CityROCK.

The 2013 Rock Master competition is being held at CityROCK climbing gym on the 7th of December and starts at 5pm.
Food and drinks available and a Dyno Comp for spectators.

The event centers around exhibition climbing, where the top performing climbers are invited to compete for the coveted title and so become one of the elite few who call themselves Rock Master.

Rock Master 2013 Competitors:



Rachelle de Charmoy Jason Rist
Kimie de Oliveira Kon Carlin Curtis
Annike Beste Jahne Theron
Gosia Lipinska Adam Ludford
Julia Chen Mathieu Scheleuwly
Alan Hills
Benj De Charmoy
Marijus Šmigelskis
Jamie Smith
Matt Bush


Rockmaster 2013 climbing competition

Rock Master 2013

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  1. Justin Lawson Dec 8, 2013 at 7:12 am #

    How did the comp go? Anyone know the results?

  2. jacques Dec 8, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    Jimbo and Goshia won, not sure about the rest… Tony will prob put up the scores soon…

  3. Robert Breyer Dec 9, 2013 at 7:39 am #

    Comp was fantastic to watch. A lot of people missed out on a great event, seeing SA’s best climbers sooo close in action.

  4. Cuan Dec 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    Comp was awesome, but the turnout was SH1T 🙁 Come on climbing community, what’s up with that?

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