Tommy Caldwell injured on Dawn Wall, Yosemite

Tommy Caldwell’s famed Dawn Wall project 2013 season has come to an end due to an injury.

First, the government shutdown caused a two-week delay for Caldwell and his climbing partners Kevin Jorgeson and Chris Sharma and now an injury to Tommy.

On November 1, Caldwell wrote on his Facebook page: “Disaster strikes! Haul bag took a 200-foot plunge while clipped to the back of my harness. Hauling hook fail. It was a bit jarring. Looks like a Costochondral separation. I am headed home to try and heal as quickly as possible.

A costochondral separation or separated rib occurs at the front of the torso next to the sternum (colloquially called the “breastbone”), a flat bone that is located at the front midline of the ribcage. Ribs are connected to the sternum by costochondral cartilage, and under certain stresses that connection can break, somewhat like a joint dislocation. Many different injuries can cause costochondral.

Below are updates made by the Team.

Post by Kevin Jorgeson.



A huge big up and thanks to the Dons of the Dawn Wall @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson for having me up there with them. It was such a new and mind blowing experience. It’s hard to comprehend how big and hard that thing is. Tommy I hope you recover and get back up there soon. Was so good getting to hang after so many years!

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